How should the three life cycle of the car be maintained?

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How should the three life cycle of the car be maintained?

For many people, cars are like their old friends for many years. They also have their own peak and trough period. When they need help from their toddlers, they are also strong and strong. Many car owners now know how to maintain cars after they buy a car. Today, I want to count the important &ldquo of your car; life ” node, so that you can better understand the car and bring more convenience for your driving.

Infancy (within 50 thousand kilometers)

just like those parents who were first parents, they always rely on enthusiasm and care for their children when they are just coming. Experts say that vehicle maintenance in infancy is the simplest. Because this period is generally in the three package period (generally within 2 years and 60 thousand kilometers), the maintenance of this period is the most important time, fixed schedule in accordance with the time and mileage stipulated by the manufacturer. The contents of maintenance basically include replacing “ three oil and one filter ” (oil, oil tank, gasoline tank, air grid). As for the replacement time, mileage and project, the manufacturers of different models have different suggestions, and consumers can just follow the instructions.

When the vehicle is around 30 thousand kilometers, the spark plug should be replaced by the spark plug (some manufacturers have a shorter time). The life of the spark plug is often not felt, but the spark plug ignition effect as a vulnerable part is not as good as before. When the vehicle is 15 thousand kilometers away, the owner is advised to clean the combustion chamber, fuel injector, throttle and intake port, so as to maintain full combustion. This project manufacturer has no rigid rules, but it is very necessary. The cost of cleaning is generally around 200~350 yuan.

Note: in the three package period, it is best not to keep the local maintenance outside the factory. All the liquid (including oil, brake oil, etc.) must be used by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the manufacturer will not give the claim service in the three package period. In case of problems, it will not be lost.

Adolescence (50 thousand km ~10 million kilometers)

The teenage car still keeps a strong body, although the focus is more than the baby, for example, many vulnerable parts have come to the time to change, but as long as the maintenance is reasonable, the vehicle in this period will be the golden time for the performance of the vehicle.

first, when the vehicle is about 50 thousand kilometers, we should consider replacing the antifreeze and brake fluid. Next, pay attention to checking the tread pattern. If tire tread is lower than 2mm, you need to replace it. Then pay attention to the brake disc and the brake disc, the thickness of the brake plate can not be less than 7mm, the &ldquo of the brake disc; the convex step ” the wear thickness is not less than 2mm, otherwise it should be replaced in time. There is a special emphasis on the timely replacement of the brake disc, the professional told reporters that many owners because they do not attach importance to the replacement of the brake disc, the result of the entire brake disc is worn, the original 200~300 yuan can be solved brake disc, but the value of the value of 1000~2000 brake disc scrap, very not cost-effective. In addition, at 6~8 km, manual transmission and transmission oil must be replaced. Finally, when the vehicle is 100 thousand kilometers, we should consider the replacement of all rubber products, including the timing belt, water pump, water pipe and so on. According to the actual road conditions of the vehicle, the replacement content also includes the rubber sleeve of the part of the driving system.

Note: after the three package period of the manufacturer, many owners have more independent choice. For example, some owners begin to choose the oil of other brands. Professionals remind the owner that the oil should not be replaced at will, especially if he must change his brand oil, so it must be cleaned necessary. And replace the oil grid at the same time, so as to better protect the engine.

in addition, during this period, if the air-conditioning system is not as refrigerant as before, or has a peculiar smell, it is recommended that air conditioning systems and pipelines should be cleaned. If the engine is obviously jitter or power output is not good, can check whether it is necessary to replace the spark wire.

Middle age and old age (more than 100 thousand kilometers)

although today's automobile manufacturing technology is very reliable, as long as the maintenance of proper running 3, 4 million kilometers is also no problem, but more than 100 thousand kilometers of the car seems to be middle-aged, at this time the supplement should be nourishing, the disease should be thoroughly cured, otherwise the disease will leave hidden dangers.

car owners over 100 thousand kilometres are often not as heartache as new cars. They do not know that cars need to be carefully protected. First of all, regular maintenance must not be towed. Secondly, the joint parts of the vehicle in this period, such as the ball head and the half axis of the cage, will be loosened. At this time, the regular inspection of the car should be strengthened. Some safety parts need to be replaced, and the suggestion of the use of the maintenance station must be followed. In addition, we should pay more attention to the inspection of the brake system, because the driving safety of vehicles at this stage is the most important.

according to the introduction, the vehicle can enter the overhaul period at 100 thousand km ~25 km. The general overhaul includes the engine overhaul, the body overhaul, the chassis overhaul, the gearbox and the wave box overhaul, and so on. Taking Santana 2000 as an example, it will be about 38 thousand ~4.5 million yuan to complete a general overhaul. If it is about 300 thousand yuan, the cost of the overhaul is about 6~8 million. After overhaul, the vehicle will be reborn, like entering “ second spring &rdquo, the performance can almost reach the standard of the new car. In this way, the car will go through a new life cycle until it reaches 40~50 million kilometers when the vehicle enters the scrapping period.

Note: the vehicle in this period should also pay attention to the maintenance or replacement of the door lock and front and rear hood lock, especially the front lock of the front engine. If the lock is invalid on the high speed road, it can cause the engine cover to turn over, which is very dangerous.

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