When the engine is overhauled

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when the engine is overhauled

Generally speaking, the number and number of years of the driving are obviously shorter in the case of no maintenance agent, and the dynamic performance of the engine is obviously reduced because of the serious wear and aging of the internal parts of the engine, and the engine needs to be replaced with the valve, piston, cylinder sleeve, boring cylinder, grinding shaft and so on. The domestic car generally needs to run 100 thousand kilometers or so to be overhauled. The imported car usually has to travel for more than 100 thousand kilometers before it is overhauled. After overhaul, the engine performance can be recovered to more than 90%. When the engine is overhauled, there are three kinds of cases:

1. Oil is seriously reduced, blue smoke is taken, but no oil is leaking. There are two kinds of blue smoke in oil: one is the aging of valve seal. This situation does not require overhaul and valve oil seal replacement. The other possibility is that the clearance between piston and cylinder wall is too large, which must be overhauled. The above two cases can be determined by endoscope.

Two, engine black smoke is serious. In this case, the cylinder pressure can be measured through the cylinder pressure gauge. If the cylinder pressure is below the normal value, it must be overhauled.

Three. The engine has a different noise. When the engine is abnormal, it can be measured by the engine abnormal sound detector. If it is the following two situations, it must be overhauled.

1, the size of the tile is loud, the engine is seriously burnt and the crankshaft is severely worn.

2. The sound of cylinder pulling, through the dismantling engine, found serious damage to the piston and cylinder walls, which must be overhauled at this time.


Driving can not save oil like this

when the engine runs at high speed, some drivers believe that the engine can run at high speed and save fuel. Because when the engine sends out the calibrated power, the engine speed is the highest, but the oil consumption is straight up, which can be reflected through the external characteristic curve of the machine. So, the high speed operation is not only oil saving, but on the contrary, the oil consumption is the most. In addition, engine running at high speed also accelerated the wear of machine parts.

The low speed operation of the engine, since the high speed operation does not save fuel, the low speed operation must be &ldquo, the fuel saving ” so some people use some wrong methods in driving, such as the low speed gear change into the high grade in a very short distance, and the car is often “ the drag gear ” and sometimes the heavy load in the car. At the same time, high grade driving is forced to reduce engine speed, resulting in engine speed instability, severe &ldquo, deflagration &rdquo, power decline, but increasing fuel consumption. Therefore, we can not save fuel by reducing engine speed. Generally speaking, it is economical, fuel efficient, safe and reliable in the rapid transit of the clogs, which is also beneficial to extend the life span of cars.

when starting to step on the accelerator to avoid stalling, many people adopt this wrong method. This will not only aggravate cylinder wear, but also cause burning and locking. Because when the engine is cold starting, the parts are not lubricated fully and are in the state of semi dry or even friction. At the same time, because of the fierce stepping on the throttle, the speed of the engine is suddenly fast and slow. The load of the running parts is suddenly small and small, so the piston is formed in the cylinder with irregular impact movement, causing the impact wear between the piston and the cylinder wall, accelerating the piston ring, The damage of the piston pin and the copper sleeve and the size tile. Therefore, the engine should be turned into idle running after the cold start of the engine. In winter, it is easy to stall because of low temperature. It can take the throttle or pull the throttle to let the engine run at idle speed for a moment, so it is safe and oil saving.

Some people think that the car skating distance is proportional to the amount of oil saving, so the skating distance is pursued one sidedly during the driving, then the accelerator is stepped on, then the gear is skidded, and the above process is repeated when the speed is reduced. This gliding method does not save oil, because the throttle is too big, the throttle is almost open, the fuel consumption of the engine will increase sharply, and the correct acceleration of skating can save oil, but it should accelerate nature, reduce the speed properly, and should not be too urgent.

The use of kerosene in gasoline does not save fuel, and causes a lot of damage to the engine, such as engine deflagration, abnormal noise, power decline, and black smoke. When too much kerosene is added, it will also cause the cages to be difficult to start and easy to stall after starting. If unburned kerosene enters the oil pan, it will dilute and deteriorate the oil, resulting in burning and aggravating the wear of the machine parts. In conclusion, the use of kerosene in gasoline will directly affect the power, economy and shorten the service life of the vehicle. (Xiao Wei)

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