How to do the overheating of automobile engine? Four steps of troubleshooting

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-04-10

in order to give full play to the engine's power and economy and prolong its service life, the engine must work at normal temperature (80— 90 C). But after a long run of the car, the engine is overheated by the factors such as wear, improper use and change of parameters, which causes the engine to damage. Taking Santana car as an example, we introduce the &ldquo and four step &rdquo which exclude the high temperature of the engine.

Look at it.

It is found that the temperature is too high or the temperature indicator light is flashing. Check it, see whether the cooling water of the water tank is normal, and there is no leakage in the water tank, water pipe and the joint. If there is no abnormal appearance, you can make up the cooling water and continue driving according to the regulations. If a distance is run, the temperature is too high, and the parking check also finds that the cooling water decreases much, which is mostly caused by the hole or perforation of the water jacket of the cylinder block. After this fault is found, repair should be carried out.

Two touch

when the engine temperature is too high, you can use hand to touch the temperature of the water pipe and the underwater pipe to judge the fault. If the temperature difference between the two water pipes is very large, the thermostat can not be worked. If the accessories are not purchased at a time, the thermostat can be removed and replaced immediately after being returned to the unit.


if there is air in the cooling system, air resistance will be formed, resulting in poor circulation of cooling water, resulting in high engine temperature. The following approach can be used: to let the engine run at a high speed and gently unscrew the lid of the tank until the gas is released. At this point, some of the cooling water will flow out with the gas, so repeated many times until the gas is put out (at this time the temperature of the hand and the lower pipe will be different). After the troubleshooting, the cooling water should be supplemented in time.

Four flush

If the vehicle runs in the dirt road or muddy section for a long time, there will be some dirty objects attached to the radiator, which will affect the heat dissipation for a long time and cause the water temperature to be too high. First, use compressed air to blow radiator grille, then rinse with water pipes.

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