Basic requirements for the work of engine ignition system

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-03-23
the basic requirements of the ignition system.

ignition system should ensure reliable and accurate ignition under various conditions and conditions of engine operation. The ignition system should meet the following basic requirements: *

1. can generate enough voltage to break the gap between the two electrodes of the spark plug.

the voltage needed to break the gap between the two electrodes of the spark plug and generate electric spark is called the spark plug breakdown voltage. The size of the breakdown voltage of the spark plug is related to the distance between the electrodes (the spark plug gap), the pressure and temperature in the cylinder, the temperature of the electrode, the working condition of the engine and so on. The test shows that when the engine is running normally, the breakdown voltage of the spark plug is 7 ~ 8kV, and the engine reaches 19kV at cold start. In order to reliably ignite the engine under various conditions, the spark plug breakdown voltage should be between 15 and 20kV.

2. electric spark ignition energy should have the enough

in order for the mixture to ignite reliably, spark generated by spark plug should have some energy. The spark energy required is smaller (1 ~ 5mJ), and the spark energy of the traditional ignition system (15 ~ 50mJ) is sufficient to ignite the mixture, because the temperature of the mixed pressure is close to the self ignition temperature. But higher ignition energy is needed when starting, idle and sudden acceleration. In order to ensure reliable ignition, the ignition energy of 50 to 80mJ should be generally guaranteed, and the ignition energy greater than 100mJ should be generated when starting.

the ignition time of.3. should be compatible with the working condition of the engine. "

First, the ignition time of the engine should meet the requirements of the engine working cycle; secondly, the combustible mixture needs a certain period of time (a few thousandths of a second) from the starting ignition to the complete combustion in the cylinder, so to make the engine produce the maximum power, the ignition should not be ignited at the end of the compression stroke and should be appropriate. One angle ahead of time. So when the piston reaches the top dead center, the mixture will be close enough to burn, and the engine will give maximum power. The

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