Regulation of engine pressure pressure

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-03-23
It is the simplest, lowest cost and very effective way to adjust the pressure of the turbocharging system to regulate the inlet and exhaust valve of the turbocharging system. The working principle of the exhaust bypass valve. The membrane box in the control membrane box divides the membrane box into two chambers, the upper chamber is the air chamber through the connecting pipe and the compressor outlet, the lower chamber is the diaphragm spring room, the diaphragm spring is on the diaphragm, and the diaphragm is connected by the connecting rod to the exhaust bypass valve. When the pressure of the compressor outlet, that is, when the pressure pressure is lower than the limit value, the diaphragm moves up under the action of the diaphragm spring and drives the connecting rod to close the exhaust bypass valve; when the pressure pressure exceeds the limit, the pressure pressure overcomes the spring force of the diaphragm, drives the diaphragm to move down, and opens the exhaust bypass valve with the moving bar. Partial exhaust is not directly discharged into the atmosphere through a turbine, so as to control the booster pressure and turbine speed.

on some engines, the opening and closing of exhaust by-pass valves are operated by solenoid valves controlled by electronic control units. According to the working condition of the engine, the electric control unit determines the pressure of the target by the pre stored pressurized pressure pulse spectrum, and compares it with the actual pressurization pressure detected by the pressurized pressure sensor, and then changes the duty ratio of the pulse signal to control the opening and closing of the solenoid valve according to the difference value, so as to change the opening time of the solenoid valve, and then the opening time of the solenoid valve is changed. Changing the opening of the vent bypass valve, controlling the exhaust bypass capacity and adjusting the pressure pressure accurately, although the exhaust bypass valve is widely used in the turbocharged automobile engine, the utilization rate of exhaust energy decreases after the exhaust bypass, resulting in the worse fuel economy of the engine at high speed and large load.

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