What do you do with the inflow of a car engine

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-03-19

If a car engine is flooded with water, the most taboo in the water is to try to fight fire and avoid more water into the intake system, which will have a great impact on the internal engine to find rescue immediately.

How to judge the engine is water
The method of judging the inlet of the engine is actually very simple. Open the oil ruler and check it, if the water in the engine will be condensed on it, it is easy to see the condition of the oil if there is an oil observation window. The inlet of the engine can only be entered through the vent or throttle and air filter, but the vent is usually connected to the air filter, whether it is through the throttle, the air filter or the silencer, the engine can not start after the engine is extinguished. Rest assured that the oil will be released and renewed. If there is no water, it will be clear at a glance. You can't start immediately after the fire is out, or it may be caused by the circuit inlet.

if water enters the engine oil, it will change the color of the oil. It will grow longer if it is small. If there is a small amount of water, you can see small beads on the oil ruler.
At the lower exhaust port, a white paper start car can also be seen with steam, and the valve cover can be unloaded and the steam drops can be seen.

Secondly, check whether the pipes are flooded or not. It includes air intake and air filtration, and check whether the shell has obvious signs of water intake, and check whether there is any obvious trace of water in the intake pipe and intake pipe. Finally, check whether there is carbon deposit in spark plug and engine cylinder wall, and check whether the spark plug is damp.

if there is no professional knowledge of vehicle maintenance, it is best to find a vehicle maintenance professional to help you in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

Method for checking the inlet of the engine

Method 1 check the oil:

the simplest way is to check whether the color of the oil is abnormal. If the oil turns to be milky white, it means that the oil tank or engine is flooded.

Method 2 check whether the pipes are flooded or not.

one by one check whether the shell has obvious intake marks under air filtration and air filtration, and check whether there is any obvious trace of water in the intake pipe and intake manifold.

Method 3 check the spark plug.

remove the cylinder spark plug and check whether it is wet. If it is wet, it indicates that the engine is showing signs of water.

method 4 check whether there is carbon deposit on the cylinder wall of engine.

when the engine works normally, the position of each cylinder's piston reaches the top dead center and the location of the upper part of the cylinder wall is clear. When the engine is inflow, the piston can not reach the original top stop position because the water is difficult to be compressed. The piston movement stroke becomes shorter and the position of the top stop point will be more obviously moved down.

Attention should be paid to the inflow of the motor vehicle engine:

1. to check the circuit

because cloudy rainwater is the best conductor, and circuit is likely to cause short circuit after encountering water.

2. should check whether the brake system is inflow

Because the brake system has a strong adsorption capacity, the rain can also easily enter the brake fluid, which will affect the braking effect, the serious possible cause of brake system failure, recommend water to the professional maintenance shop for inspection.

3. oil exchange

remember to replace the oil and clean the intake pipe.

The damage to the intake of the engine
The inflow of the engine is absolutely fatal to the car. Once the engine is flooded, the spark plug can not be ignited or even directly extinguished, and the weight is also caused by the cylinder, the cylinder, the connecting rod, the bending of the crankshaft and so on.

Connecting rod fracture

blew up.

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