Dongfeng Peugeot 307ABS fault

Category:Fault example - Date:2015-11-29

Failure phenomenon:

accident. Dongfeng Peugeot 307. After repair, the engine fault indicator, ABS indicator, hand brake lamp and STOP lamp are always shining. The instrument doesn't work and the testing equipment can't enter the ABS system.


by asking the owner of the car, the ABS pump assembly was replaced after the accident was repaired. This information is very important, considering whether the ABS pump type does not match the original vehicle. After finding the ABS pump of the original car, it is found that the ABS pump shell of the original car is damaged, a two-way diode is damaged in the interior, and after a replaceable bidirectional diode is welded, the engine fault lamp, the ABS fault lamp, the hand brake light and the STOP lamp are extinguished after loading back to the original ABS pump.

It seems to be troubleshooting, but there is a serious partial brake during the trial run, and feel a strong foot feel on the pedal when braking. For the braking top foot is normal ABS, but also partial brake is not normal.

Disconnect the ABS pump plug, so that the ABS system does not work, not the top foot, and no partial braking phenomenon. It shows that when the ABS pump is not working, the wheels are well immobilization. Why is there a serious partial brake after the ABS pump works?

Brake tubing is wrong! there are 6 tubing locations on the.ABS pump: MC1 and MC2 are the input pipes from the main pump, VC and VD are front wheel outputs, and RD and RG are rear wheel outputs.

because of the wrong loading of the tubing, the wheel that ABS needs to control does not match the realization, causing a serious partial brake phenomenon.

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