Cleaning up the carbon deposition on the intake valve of a direct injection engine is the smartest w

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-02-16
The longer the vehicle is, the more carbon will accumulate inside the engine. Carbon deposition is almost unavoidable and a problem to face.

carbon deposition is unavoidable, but we can reduce carbon deposition in the right way.

reducing vehicle idle time can reduce the production of throttle carbon. And often run high speed, so that the combustion of fuel is more sufficient, can reduce the accumulation of carbon at nozzle and other places. However, there is a "congenital defect" in the area of carbon deposition on intake valve, and carbon deposition will be more serious than that of manifold injection engine.

a common manifold injection, after mixing oil and gas, enters the cylinder through the intake valve, which will scour the intake valve, which is a self cleaning function of the engine.

And direct injection engine does not have such ability, fuel does not enter the valve, direct injection into the combustion chamber, so it seems, even if the direct injection engine adds fuel cleaning, it can only clean the nozzle and piston top, not to the back of the inlet valve. Compared with the intake valve, the exhaust valve should be "lucky", and the exhaust can be used for high speed scour to help to accumulate carbon. Therefore, the exhaust valve should be much cleaner compared with the intake valve.

direct injection engine, where gasoline does not enter the valve, where does it accumulate carbon?
intake valve carbon generation is not gasoline production, but oil carbonization. The liquid oil and oil vapor in the crankcase forced ventilation system are not completely separated, and a small amount of liquid oil in the lubricating system should be returned to the steam (the oil vapor is too thick), and carbon accumulation is formed on the back of the inlet valve. It can be said that if the oil vapor separation is thorough, it can almost avoid accumulating carbon accumulation on the back of the valve. Because the common multi-point electric vehicle is ejected from the manifold, the gasoline ejected has a certain cleaning effect on the intake valve, so the carbon deposition will be much less.

in view of the weakness of the direct injection engine, the developed hybrid jet engine can take both the advantages of the direct injection engine and the shortcomings of the carbon in the direct injection engine. At present, the jet engine can be mixed to a "have both fish and bear's paw" problem. Compared with direct injection engines, hybrid jet engines are mostly used for more advanced cars.

the problem now is how to solve the problem of carbon accumulation on the back of the throttle of a direct injection engine.
avoiding is hard to avoid. We can only clean up when we accumulate more carbon. Cleaning the intake valve carbon generally has the "bottle method" and the intake door dismantling method. The "suspension bottle method" is not ideal for cleaning, or the most thorough cleaning of the intake valve. Therefore, the solution may only be the case, when the engine has a very serious carbon deposition, when the engine has a serious impact on the performance of the engine, it can be removed and washed by the intake valve carbon. Of course, some engines can clean up the intake valve carbon deposition just when they are demolished.

In fact, the carbon on the back of the intake valve of the direct injection engine can not be avoided, but the impact of the intake of carbon on the engine performance is not serious. As long as there is no serious jitter, the car can not remove the gas easily as long as the carbon is not clear.

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