BYD F3 engine anti-theft system setting

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-02-15

BYD F3 anti-theft system can be selected, cancelled or set according to the requirements of different users.

optional functions and specific setting methods are as follows.

1. optional functional project introduction

(1) automatic setting function automatically setting function is that if the wireless remote control is not operated in 30s after the key is taken and the door is closed, the auto body anti-theft system is automatically set in the condition of maintaining the existing state of the vehicle. After entering the anti-theft system, the key will be inserted into the ignition switch and the alarm will be issued. When the key hits the "ON" position, the white move relieves the anti-theft state (only this state is locked in the unlock mode of the anti-theft mode).

also can press the "UNLOCK" button to relieve the state of burglary.

(2) the function of automatic door lock and unlocking is that when all the speed exceeds 20km/h, all doors will be locked automatically. When the ignition key rotates from the "ON" position to the "ACC" or "LOCK" position, it will automatically sweep all the doors.
(3) when the car lighting system is opened by remote control, the indoor lights and ignition key reminder lights will be lit for about 30s and then extinguished.

(4) start the alarm 6 times. When the car body is burglar alarm, it will alarm and flicker the turn signal 30s, then stop 15s for a cycle.

automatic setting is the 3 cycle of alarm, and this option is changed to 6 times of alarm.

when setting up this item, start the alarm 3 times cycle and start the alarm, 9 times automatically cancel the cycle.

when the alarm is started, the 6 cycle and the start up alarm and the 9 cycle are canceled. It is reduced to the default start alarm 3 cycles.

(5) start the alarm 9 times. This option is changed to start the alarm 9 times.

when this function is selected, the default start alarm, the 3 cycle and the start alarm, the 6 cycle automatically cancel.

when the start alarm, the 6 cycle and the start alarm sub cycle are canceled, it is reduced to the default start alarm and the 3 cycle.

(6) when the delay time of the car is 15s, when all the doors are locked with a wireless remote control, the rear indoor and ignition key reminding lights are kept on about 15s (by default 30s).

when the function is selected, the delay time of boarding is 30, and it will be cancelled automatically.

(7) the delay time of getting on the train is 30s. When the door is unlocked by the wireless remote controller, the indoor lamp and ignition key reminder lamp will remain lit for about 30s.

if we choose this function, we must cancel the delay time of boarding, which is 15s. This function is effective. If the delay 15s and delay 30s are selected, the system will be automatically set to 15s.

(8) the sensibility of the burglar alarm sensitivity device has four set blocks, the highest one block and the four block lowest.

the method of setting the optional function of.2.
(1) check whether the body anti-theft system has been canceled.
(2) close all the doors.
(3) the key is inserted into the ignition switch.
(4) reopen and close the driver's door 2 times within 10s, that is, turn off, turn on, turn off, turn on and turn off.

(5) switch the ignition switch from "ACC" to "ON" position, repeat 3 times, namely: ACC to ON, ACC to ON, ACC to ON to ACC.

at this time, the anti-theft indicator lights Chang Liang (if not always bright, re-enter the above operation).

(6) press the "LOCK" button of the remote controller to enter the settings of various functions.

you can query the status of each function by pressing the "LOCK" button.

When the function is in the selected state, the turning signal flashes once and can hear a buzzing sound, such as to change to the cancellation state, turn on any door and turn off, if the turning signal flashes two times and hears the two buzzing, indicating that the function has been cancelled.

if unsuccessful, re open and close the door. From the cancellation state to the set state.

there are four blocks in sensitivity setting, the highest in one block and the rest in sensitivity.

When the selected vibration sensitivity option is entered, the signal light that flashes the corresponding number of times according to the existing vibration sensitivity grade and the beeling sound that emits the corresponding number of times.

Change sensitivity: when selecting the choice of vibration sensitivity, open and close any door will automatically circulate into the next level, and also flicker the corresponding number of signals according to the vibration sensitivity level at the time and emit the corresponding number of beeling sounds.
(7) after setting the above functions, any of the following operations can be done to complete the function setting.
(1) switch the ignition switch to the "ON" position;
(2) close the driver's door above 30s;
Thirdly, click the "LOCK" button of the wireless remote control.

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