Sagitar 2 gear red screen display area / transmission into emergency mode fault

Category:Fault example - Date:2015-11-26

Failure phenomenon:

A 2009 Jetta 2 car, equipped with the Japanese Aisin 09G automatic transmission, the mileage of 6559 km. The user reflects the sudden failure of the display area of the gauge shift display area, and the recent increase in fuel consumption.

Inspection analysis:

the author found that the indicator on the dashboard of the vehicle is red, which indicates that the transmission has entered the emergency mode of failure. For 09G automatic transmission, it can only be in 3 gear and R gear when entering the emergency state, so it is not difficult to understand the phenomenon that the owner reflects the abnormal increase of oil consumption in the near future. Connect the fault diagnosis instrument VAS5052A, enter the gateway list, check the &ldquo in the 02 transmission electronic system; the data bus transmission system J527 signal is missing ” the fault code, and can not be cleared.

In the electric control system of the fast vehicle system, the CAN-BUS data bus is used to transmit information. The control units of the different bus systems are used to translate, exchange and receive information through the gateway. If any control unit signal is abnormal, it will store relevant failure codes in related control units. In the data bus transmission system, the J527 signal of the steering wheel electronic control unit is missing, which indicates that some information in the steering wheel electronic control unit can not be transmitted and exchanged with the transmission electronic control unit.

according to the fault phenomenon, it is necessary to enter the 19 gateway system and check the bus transmission status of each control unit. The author uses VAS5052A to enter the 19-08-132 group and finds that the state of the J527 steering wheel electronic system is “ 1” thus, it shows that the CAN-BUS bus communication between the steering disk electronic system and the gateway bus system data exchange is normal.

Next, the author starts to analyze the reason why &ldquo is stored, and the fault code of data bus drive system J527 &rdquo is missing. This failure code is not reported in the gateway system. This indicates that J527 and gateway communication is normal. Why do we only report this fault code in transmission control unit? What maintenance contents have been done by the vehicle recently? With such questions, the author communicated with customers. The customer reflected that the fault appeared in the recent installation of DVD navigation. At that time, the battery was disconnected. At this time, the author was suddenly open, and the battery was illegally cut off, resulting in the loss of the identification data in the basic setup program of the transmission, including the control unit J527 of the steering wheel electronic system in the transmission control. The identified data stored in the unit. The so-called basic transmission settings, that is, let the automatic transmission itself search for the signal source needed.


using the guiding function of VAS5052A, the transmission is basically set up, so that the barrier red screen is eliminated.

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