The method of checking the leakage of the engine coolant

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-02-06

checking the leakage of engine coolant is as follows:

check whether there is any sign of coolant leakage in each pipe interface of cooling system.

As the coolant often has color and the external leakage is more obvious, it should be emphasized to check whether there are any signs of leakage in the joints of each tube, the thermostat, the storage tank, the joint surface of the pump, the radiator and the radiator cover.

check whether the cooling system has the leakage of the coolant

in addition to observing with the eye, the following pressure method can be used for more accurate testing.

1. Add the coolant into the radiator and connect the pressure tester.
(2) to make the engine warm.
The coolant pump is pressed to 137kPa. Check and confirm that the pressure does not drop.

4. If the pressure drops, check whether the water pipe, radiator and pump are leaking.

Examination of the connection pressure tester

if there is no sign of liquid leakage outside, check heater core, cylinder block and cylinder head. General internal leakage will be accompanied by engine acceleration, weakness, exhaust pipe white smoke, radiator bubble, oil level rise, oil is milky white and so on.

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