Maintenance of engine water pump

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the water pump is one of the important parts of the engine cooling system. The function of the pump is to pressurize the coolant to ensure that it circulates in the cooling system to accelerate the emission of heat. As a long-term running device, the pump will also fail during the operation. Let's look at the inspection and maintenance of the pump.

common failures of pumps are leakage, loose bearing and insufficient pump volume.

? leakage of water
When the pump shell cracks cause water leakage, there are usually obvious traces. When the crack is light, it can be repaired with adhesive method. When the crack is serious, it should be replaced when the crack is serious. When the water pump is normal, the discharge hole on the pump shell should not leak. If the leakage of the water leak indicates that the water seal is not sealed, the reason may be that the sealing surface is not close to the seal or the water seal is damaged. Check the water pump, clean the water seal, seal the cover or replace the water seal.

the location of the pump outlet (1 - drain hole; 2 - pump case).

When the engine is running at idle speed, if the pump bearing has abnormal ring or unbalanced rotation of the wheel, it is usually caused by the loose bearing of the bearing; after the engine is extinguished, the water pump bearing should be replaced by the hand pulling the belt wheel to further check the open quantity of the pump. If the pump bearing is different, the pump bearing has a different sound, but the hand pull the belt wheel is not obviously loose. It may be caused by poor lubrication of the pump bearing, so lubricating grease should be added from the grease nozzle.

Insufficient water pump water
The water shortage of pump pump is usually due to waterway blockage, impeller and shaft slipping, water leakage or drive belt skidding. The failure can be eliminated by dredging the waterway, reloading the impeller, replacing the water seal, and adjusting the tightness of the fan transmission belt.

Maintenance method of engine water pump

1. check whether there is any wear and damage of pump body and pulley, and replace it if necessary.
check whether the shaft of the pump has any bending, neck wear and whether the shaft ends are damaged. Check whether the blades on the impeller are broken and the wear of shaft holes is serious. Check the degree of wear of seal and bakelite washer, such as more than the use of limit should be replaced with new parts. Check the wear condition of the bearing, use the table to measure the clearance of the bearing, if more than 0.10mm, replace the new bearing.

2. pumps can be decomposed sequentially after they are removed.

After decomposing, the parts should be cleaned and checked one by one to see if there are defects such as cracks, damage and wear, such as those with serious defects should be replaced.

repair of.3. water seal and seat:

Seal such as wear groove, available emery cloth polished, such as too much wear should be replaced;

Seal seat as coarse scratches, available plane or repair in the lathe reamer. A new water seal should be replaced during overhaul.

4. is allowed to repair on the pump body with the following injuries.

a crack which does not extend to the bearing seat hole with a length less than 3Omm. There is a broken part on the flange joint with the cylinder head, and the oil seal seat hole is damaged. The bending of the pump shaft must not exceed 0.05mm, otherwise it should be replaced. The blade breakage of the impeller should be replaced. The diameter of the pump shaft is seriously worn and should be replaced or repaired.

5. check whether the pump bearing is flexible or abnormal. If there is any problem with the bearing, it should be replaced.
after the.6. pump is assembled, rotate it with your hand. The pump shaft should be free from stagnation, and the impeller and pump shell should not be rubbed.
Then check the pump discharge. If there are any problems, check the cause and exclude. If the pump fails, the coolant will not be able to reach the corresponding place, its performance will not be able to effectively play the I, and ultimately affect the working conditions of the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of the water pump.

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