Analysis of the meaning of the fault code P015B

Category:Fault code - Date:2017-01-31
1. the OBD fault code is applicable to all auto manufacturers
Fault code: P015B
Chinese sensor: delayed response to oxygen sensor (air fuel ratio) is thin to dense (first row, sensor 1).
English meaning: O2 Sensor Delayed Response - Lean to Rich (Bank 1, Sensor 1).
Category: fuel or air
Detailed meaning: the function of the oxygen sensor is to determine the oxygen content in the engine exhaust in order to correct the amount of fuel injection so that the engine can get the best air fuel ratio. In the OBD trouble code, you often see the first couple of oxygen sensors. The first row refers to the row where the cylinder 1 is located, and the remaining row is the second row. No matter which row, the first sensors always refer to the upstream oxygen sensors (before the catalytic box), and the second sensors always refer to the downstream oxygen sensors (after the catalytic box). The heating oxygen sensor monitors the voltage change rate during the rising and descending of oxygen sensor signal. If the electronic control unit (ECU) finds that when the air-fuel ratio is thicker, the failure rate will appear when the voltage change rate is lagged behind.

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