Classic application of sliding resistance Analysis of throttle position sensor

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Throttle position sensor (TPS)

the location of throttle position sensor on throttle body.

The physical map of the throttle position sensor

The function of the throttle position sensor signal:

computer calculates engine load according to throttle opening signal and engine speed signal.

achieve acceleration, thickening, deceleration, thinning and oil spill function.

one of the most important signals of automatic transmission shift control.

The structure principle of the throttle position sensor:

The principle of the throttle position sensor circuit

The solar term door position sensor is essentially driven by a solar term door shaft sliding rheostat.

The 5V voltage provided by the VC-- computer terminal;

E2-- signal ground;

VTA-- output signal: as the opening of the throttle increases, the resistance value between the VTA-E2 increases, the voltage between the VTA-E2 increases, and the voltage between the VTA-E reflects the opening of the throttle.

The idle contact - door closed solar term under the condition of idle contact, other state idle off contact. In the computer, the IDL line is pulled to 12V by resistance. When the idling contact is connected, the IDL-E2 is 0V (low level). When the idling contact is disconnected, the IDL-E2 is 12V (Gao Dianping). With this signal, the computer determines whether the engine is idle or not, and completes the corresponding control function. Some automotive throttle position sensors have no idle contacts.

Adjustment of the throttle position sensor:

The door is fully closed when idle contact closed solar term;

The door closed when the solar term between VTA and E2, the voltage within the range of standard;

Common failures of throttle position sensor:

the typical fault of throttle position sensor is the internal sliding resistance.

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