Diesel engine high pressure common rail failure diesel engine runaway and idle speed unstable fault

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2015-11-10

Diesel engine series: WP10.375

manufacturers: Shaanxi.

Fault description:

during the commissioning process, the engine speed suddenly increased and was not controlled by ECU.

Analysis of the causes of failure:

injector damage is not controlled by ECU, and continues fuel injection.

Maintenance methods:

The engine speed is out of control, causing the piston top, cylinder, oil injector head off. Replace the whole machine.

Shedding of the oil head of the injector

engine flying. This is the first time in the market, what is the specific reason and is still in the experiment.

Diesel engine series: WP10.290

Supporting manufacturers: Suzhou Jinlong

Fault description:

user response to vehicle idling is unstable, and idle speed changes continuously after vehicle driving.

Analysis of the causes of failure:

suspicion is the external line of speed signal is disturbed.

Maintenance methods:

connecting the instrument to read the speed signal. When the vehicle is stationary, it is found that the speed signal exists, and it changes at or around 0-7KM/H.

Treatment methods:

(1) since the vehicle does not need the speed signal, it is possible to remove the speed signal line connected to ECU.

(2) to see whether the vehicle has started the requirement of idle speed lifting. If there is no requirement, we can change the starting idle speed to the idle speed.

Diesel engine series: WP12.375N

manufacturers: Shaanxi.

Fault description:

when the car starts, there is a phenomenon of white smoke. When it is stepped on the accelerator, there will be thick black smoke coming out.

Analysis of the causes of failure:

Oil road problem or air intake problem.

Maintenance methods:

The car runs white smoke after the car starts. When the pedal is stepped down, the engine starts to smoke thick black smoke, read the flash code and have no fault code, indicating that there is no problem on the engine data. Next, we need to analyze from mechanical failure, and finally find that an intake pipe after engine coolers is sucked flat.

It is obvious that the cause of the failure is that the air intake system of Shanxi automobile is blocked, and it is very serious. After the engine starts, the intake of the engine is entirely dependent on the intake stroke piston of the engine itself, which leads to the very poor quality of the combustible mixture in the cylinder, the incomplete combustion of the exhaust pipe and the addition of white smoke. Black smoke at the end of the speed.

Start to suspect that the pipe is blocked by the supercharger to the medium cooling device. There is no foreign body blockage after disassembly. The possibility of blocking the internal cooler is very small. Finally, we find out the air filter core and find that the second stage filter core is in the wrong direction and the fixed iron plate is mounted inside, so that the iron plate will thoroughly put the air filter into the filter. Port completely blocked, directly caused by engine intake serious shortage, deterioration of combustion, and no oil, white smoke

Diesel engine series: WP12.336N

Supporting manufacturers: China Tong

Fault description:

the engine is not able to start up for the first time. Then start again, normal.

Analysis of the causes of failure:

The problem of synchronous signal or the problem of wiring harness

Maintenance method

Starting the engine, the engine is about 3 seconds or so, with “ the burst of ” the sound of the cylinder, the exhaust pipe runs out a black smoke, the speed is 400-500r/min, then the engine is automatically extinguished, then the engine is started, and the start of the engine is successfully completed, the start time is not more than 1 second. If the power interruption time is too long, the automatic start up will occur again for the first time. During the startup process, the flash code often lights up the 5-4-1 flash code (erroneous path 3.6), which is a synchronous signal problem.

Check the camshaft phase sensor and the crankshaft speed sensor connector, check the sensor wiring harness, all normal; after collecting and analyzing the data, the final judgment is the camshaft sensor fault. With the replacement of the high pressure oil pump, the problem is solved and the car starts to start smoothly. The reason for this failure is that the internal cylinder gear of BOSCH high pressure oil pump is not qualified.

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