Manual setting method of KIA CARNIVAL remote Jiahua

Category:Brake system foundation - Date:2015-11-01

Manual setting method of KIA Jiahua remote control

The left front fault diagnosis socket in KIA Jiahua engine room, behind the battery (or relay box).

Fault diagnosis socket figure KIA Wah

The manual setting method of the remote control is as follows:

1 uses 12 jumpers and 16 pins in fault diagnosis socket with jumper (short wiring).

2 puts the ignition switch on “ O N "block"

3 press &ldquo, LOCK&rdquo and button 2 times on the remote control handle, if the set is successful, the burglar horn will ring 1s.

4, ignition switch is placed in “ OFF” stop position and pull out ignition key.

5 jumps the connection fault diagnosis socket, pin 12 and pin 16 jumper.

6 press &ldquo, LOCK&rdquo and “ UNLOCK&rdquo, button to confirm the remote control lock and unlock function.


for CARNIVAL vehicle, two remote control handles can be set for each vehicle. When two remote control handles are to be set, the operation mode is changed in the third step of the operation step: press the &ldquo on the handle of each remote control separately; LOCK "button 1 times."

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