Precautions for automobile computer maintenance

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2015-11-01

1 anti non professional personnel overhaul the car computer

the computer system of a car is very complex and difficult to repair. Once a computer malfunction is found or suspected, the maintenance should not be dismantled at will. A professional or a special repair station should be asked to repair it so as not to cause undue loss.

the damage of.2 anti self inductance voltage to computer

when repairing the vehicle, once the ignition switch is connected, no matter whether the engine is running or not, it is forbidden to disconnect any wire at will. Because in the instant of disconnecting the conductor, the self inductance of the coil will generate very high instantaneous voltage, which will easily damage the computer and sensor. In particular, the following wires can not be cut off and carry out the fire test: any wire of the battery, any wire of the ignition device, any wire connected with the computer, and the control solenoid valve, idle speed control device, electronic injector, two air jet electromagnetic valve, computer PROM chip, blower wire and connector, air conditioner The wire of the clutch and so on.

the high impedance digital test meter should be used as far as possible. In addition to the special circumstances, we should not use the pointer type ohm meter to test the computer and the sensor, and can not test any electrical apparatus connected with the computer with the test lamp, so as to avoid damage to the computer and the sensor.

the damage of.3 anti static to automobile computer

when the maintenance personnel enter or leave the carriage, the body will generate electrostatic high voltage, which will damage the computer digital instrument or circuit. Therefore, the overhauler should take the earthing metal belt when installing or taking down the PR0M chip when the computer's digital instrument is repaired or near the instrument.

The way is: one end of the metal belt is on the wrist, and the other end is clamped on the body.

4 anti magnetic field

An object with a strong magnetic field can not be close to the computer, otherwise it will damage its components or lines, such as loudspeakers, recorder, warm air fan and so on, which should be installed as far as possible from the computer.

5 high temperature prevention

when the arc welding is used during maintenance, the computer power should be cut off first. When approaching computers and sensors for welding work, we should pay attention to heat insulation. It is better to remove computers or sensors. When using electric soldering iron, the electric iron with a power greater than 45W can not be used, and the contact time is no more than 10 seconds, so as not to overheat and damage the computer components.

6 anti humid

computers are dampened, and their circuits and components are easily damaged. Therefore, we should be careful when washing vehicles, and avoid water entering the computer. If it is found that there is leakage at the computer installation, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

7 anti vibration

Violent vibration is easy to damage electronic components. So, in the installation and disassembly of the computer, not hard to pry the strong collision, computer, body connection must be reliable, not loose. PROM computer chips down, can not be everywhere, should be kept properly.

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