Fault code P1841

Category:Fault code - Date:2016-05-20
1. this OBD fault code is applicable to Audi, Volkswagen
Fault code: P1841
: engine / transmission control module program mismatch.
English meaning: Engine/Transmission Control Modules Programming Not Compatible.
Category: powertrain system (manufacturer's own meaning).
Detailed meaning: engine control module, also called engine control unit (some car engine control module and transmission control module are integrated together to become power assembly control module) to control the operation of the whole engine. The most important function is to control the best fuel injection and ignition timing of the engine. Another important role is to monitor the components of exhaust emission control. The transmission control module (TCM or TCU) helps the transmission determine when and how to shift the gear by collecting information from various sensors and engine control modules to improve performance, shift smoothly, and save fuel use.

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