Electric drive system - electric vehicle

Category:Brake system foundation - Date:2016-04-07
Power drive system

the electric drive mode of electric vehicle can be basically divided into two types: central motor drive and electric wheel drive. The motor's central drive system is composed of motor, fixed speed ratio reducer and differential. In this drive system, because there are no clutch and transmission, the volume and quality of the mechanical transmission can be reduced.

Another type of motor central drive system, which is similar to the layout of a fuel vehicle driven by a front wheel and a lateral front engine, integrates a motor, a fixed speed ratio reducer and a differential, and connects two driving wheels with two half axes, which is used most in small electric vehicles. It is common.

motor and fixed speed ratio planetary gear reducer is installed inside the wheel without transmission shaft and differential, thus simplifying the transmission system. However, the electric wheel drive mode needs two or four motors, and its control circuit is more complex. This driving mode is widely used in the heavy electric vehicle. The

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