2006 Chrysler 300C3.5L three way catalytic converter and EGR valve related failure

Category:Fault example - Date:2015-10-25

For Chrysler 300C3.5L car, the engine occasionally jitter, exhaust the malfunction, and read the fault code to show 1 cylinder and 5 cylinder fire, and three yuan catalyst abnormal fault. After a period of use, some cars will be more serious, the maximum car speed is only 100km/h, and the exhaust pipe is abnormal at the same time.

Cause analysis:

For a control unit to record a three element catalyst fault, it is because from the beginning of OBD2 that an oxygen sensor is installed in the upstream and downstream of the three element catalyst. The oxygen sensor in the upstream is detected to detect the oxygen content in the exhaust, and the fuel injection is corrected in time to the control unit, while the oxygen sensor in the next swim is detected through a three yuan catalytic converter. The oxygen content in the exhaust. As the exhaust gas passes through the three way catalytic converter, the oxygen content in the exhaust is basically stable, so the signal of the oxygen sensor changes slowly. The control unit detects and compares the signal changes of two oxygen sensors to detect the working state of the three way catalytic converter.

When the oxygen sensor signals in the upstream and downstream of the three - element catalytic converter are in agreement, the three - element catalyst has failed, so the fault code about the three element catalyst anomaly is recorded.

at the same time, a rule was found. Most of the three way catalytic converters near the fifth cylinder side cracked, resulting in abnormal exhaust pipes.

Generally, when the three - element catalytic reactor of the vehicle is damaged, the fault code of the EGR valve sensor is also found when the fault diagnosis instrument is used to detect the engine control system. When the engine control unit receives this signal, it will be considered that the EGR valve opening is too small to further open the EGR valve by increasing the occupying ratio, so the exhaust gas into the combustor will be too much. We observed the mechanical structure of the engine carefully, and found that the exhaust gas was easier to enter the fifth cylinder. It was the reason that the engine control unit monitored the fifth cylinder fire, recorded the related fault codes, and lit the engine fault warning light. Because of the incomplete combustion of combustible mixture and the deterioration of engine exhaust emissions, the three way catalytic reactor is difficult to bear, and eventually melts and breaks.

Later, we found that the EGR valve itself has a problem, which leads to the unstable performance of the valve, which makes too much exhaust gas into the cylinder and affects the normal operation of the engine. When the maintenance personnel repair the car, if there is such a failure, check the EGR valve first. For the three way catalytic converter which has been damaged, the three way catalytic reactor and EGR valve must be replaced at the same time.

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