Valve clearance check and throttle body inspection and cleaning engine maintenance basis

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2016-02-21

examination of the gap between the valves:

1. confirm that the engine is in the state of the heat engine.
2. rotates the crankshaft to make the piston of the cylinder to be located at the TDC.
3. with feeler cam and tappet (or the clearance between the rocker arm and push rod).
the clearance value will be compared with the standard value. If necessary, the valve clearance should be adjusted.

Throttle body examination:
1. dismantling the air filter outlet pipe.
2.. Check whether there is carbon deposition on throttle body orifice and throttle slice. The throttle valve must be opened to check all surfaces. At the same time check the throttle pivot, whether it is flexible.

Throttle body cleaning:
1.. For a small amount of carbon deposition, it can be cleaned on the car without dismantling.
if.2. is too much carbon, it needs dismantling and dismantling throttle body for cleaning. Clean the throttle body orifice and throttle slice with clean cotton and advanced engine cleaners or the same cleaners.

The adaptation of the throttle body self:
after throttle body cleaning, self-adaptive learning of throttle body and idle speed is needed.
for throttle self learning and idle self learning methods, it will be different due to different vehicle types. But the basic forms are divided into two types: one is to calibrate the throttle body with a special diagnostic instrument that uses the vehicle; the other is adaptable by the switch ignition key or by the computer itself.

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