Engine maintenance parameters and measurement methods engine maintenance basis

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2016-02-21

Basic procedures for engine overhaul

confirm the problem / symptom removal / decomposition cleaning / checking assembly / installation.

The parameters and measurement methods of engine maintenance

Clearance: proper space between components. Oil can be lubricated in this space. According to the direction, it can be divided into axial and radial clearances.

Gap measurement method

The calculation measurement method of plastic gauge dial indicator measurement gauge measuring method

The slope method of measuring components:

(1) in the spring on the planometer.

(2) the right angle ruler is reached to the spring.

(3) check whether a thickness gauge with specified reading can be placed at the maximum clearance when rotating the spring.

taper -- measuring the inner diameter in parts of the upper and lower parts.

ellipticity -- measuring the inner diameter in several positions along the diagonal direction.

(1) use a precision ruler and a gauge to check the six positions of the cylinder block along the vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions.

(2) check whether there is warpage with the gap between the thickness gauge and the precision ruler.

Measurement of radial runout:

(1) in the planometer place a V block two shaft support.

(2) the indicator hanging head vertically on the central axis of the neck, beating the largest amount of reading.

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