Inspection and maintenance of automobile flywheel

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2016-02-17

the automobile flywheel is a high quality cast iron inertia disc, which stores energy and supplies the demand of non work stroke. It drives the whole curved connecting rod structure to cross the upper and lower stops to ensure the uniformity of the inertia rotation of the engine crankshaft rotation and the uniformity of the output torque, and help with the inertia force rotating by the flywheel itself. To overcome the compression resistance in cylinder and maintain the continuous operation of engine during short term overload, it is necessary to check flywheel during maintenance.

The function of the flywheel

A part of the function that is input to the crankshaft in the work stroke is stored to overcome the resistance in other travel and to drive the crank and connecting rod mechanism across the upper and lower stops to ensure that the rotation angle and output torque of the crankshaft are as uniform as possible, and that the engine can overcome the short time overload and will be launched at the same time. The power of the machine is passed on to the clutch.
Common damage of flywheel flywheel teeth wear, flywheel teeth broken, surface grooves, cauterization and cracks on flywheels.

Repair of flywheel gear ring flywheel ring gear can be chamfered at the other end of the gear ring if there are individual teeth damaged and ring gear wear on one side, so that the gear ring can be flanged. If more than 30% of the tooth length or 4 teeth are damaged continuously, the above should be replaced. Replacement of flywheel gear ring The combination of the new gear ring and the outer circle of the flywheel is generally 0.30 - 0.60mm, and the gear ring should be heated to 350 --400 C when installed, while hot pressing to the stop.

The mark on the flywheel: A mark (line or pin hole) is used on the flywheel rim for compression and stop point (four cylinder engine is 1 cylinder or 4 cylinder to compress the upper stop point; six cylinder engine is 1 cylinder or 6 cylinder to compress the stop point). When the mark on the flywheel is aligned with the mark on the shell, it is just the TDC.

For example, the emancipation of the CA6102 engine is marked by the "0" mark on the Audi 100 flywheel at the TDC.
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