Design of the balance axis of an analytic straight line four cylinder engine

Category:Principle of automobile engine - Date:2015-10-09

for a common row of four cylinder engines, do not need a balancing shaft? What is the function of the balance shaft?

In the course of the running of the straight four cylinder engine, &ldquo will be produced; the two order reciprocating inertia force ” it is the main source of noise and vibration of the engine of this structure.

Two design of two balance axes: the balance axis rotates at two times the crankshaft speed, one balance axis turns in the same direction as the crankshaft, the other reversely rotates, and the centrifugal force of the balance axis is used to eliminate the “ the two order reciprocating inertia force ”

there are two balance shaft mounting holes on the cylinder block. The installation holes are symmetrical for the crankshaft, and the distance from the crankshaft is the same.

The particular thing is that Citroen C5 has made a “ the AEB balance box ” the structure, in white, is that there is no design of the balancing shaft on the cylinder, and the &ldquo of the two balance axis and the outer shell is designed, and the AEB balance box &ldquo, which is mounted through the bolt on the cylinder.

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