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China steam and beauty net We are trying to build a professional and technical door type car website so that the owners can better understand the car, choose the car better, give the owner real information and the car preferences. Xiaobian is also to meet the high requirements of car owners for cars. A car hairdressing strategy This issue will bring you the strategy of film placement.

As the saying goes: &ldquo years of relentless, &rdquo stays in shape;. In order to retain youth and beauty, many beautiful people often use all kinds of &ldquo, membrane &rdquo, paste on their faces, and the result of beauty is not disfigured frequently. The same is true for the love car, the paste is beauty, and the paste is not good, it will become disfigured. Nowadays, all kinds of explosion-proof membrane brands on the market are dazzling, but the quality is even more uneven. For the general owner, what kind of explosion-proof film should be attached to his own car, where is the best sticker, how to identify the true and false explosion-proof membrane and protect its rights and interests properly? These are all problems.

- determining the sticker and selecting the weather

As the saying goes, &ldquo, &rdquo is the key to go out. We go out to do things, travel by boat, travel and sightseeing, go shopping and so on, all are closely related to the change of weather. It's also the most suitable film for weather. Because after the cloudy and rainy days, the air is humid and the suspended matter is few. At this time, the film will not affect the appearance due to the presence of impurities. A lot of car owners know that the coating explosion-proof film should go to the decoration shop with the interior sticker conditions. Before the film is attached, the professional decoration shop will keep the humidity in the room to avoid dust, bubbles and scratches in the film. But most car owners may not know that the air humidity is larger in the cloudy day and after the rain, the static electricity decreases, and the dust in the room and outside is obviously reduced, which is the best time for the sticker. What we need to remind is not to film in duer weather and environment.

- buy film, authenticity

at present, there are various kinds of cars on the market, and the quality is quite different. The owners of the amateur cars were deceived. They bought a bad film or fake at a high price. As we all know, poor quality film not only endangers driving safety, but also causes hidden dangers of glass and even affects the health of occupants. When the car owner decides to attach his car to the car, he must pay attention to distinguish the true and false explosion-proof membrane from the following points.

1, definition. High quality membrane transmittance can be as high as 90%, and regardless of the color depth, at night can clearly see 6 meters away, and inferior film will be foggy feel; 2, handle. The genuine film feels thick and smooth, while the inferior film feels thin and crisp, and it is easy to wrinkle. 3, color. The pigments of high quality membrane are uniform in the film, durable, not easy to change color, and the color of inferior film in adhesive adhesive glue, tear off the lining of the film after the nail scraping, the color will fall; 4, taste. The residual solvents in poor film adhesive have high benzene content and bad smell, which will seriously damage the health of vehicle owners. 5, bubbles. When the plastic lining of the membrane is torn off, and then recombined, the inferior film will blister, and the quality film will be intact after all. 6, the shelf life. Generally, the membrane produced by regular manufacturers has a long quality guarantee period, usually 5 years.

good products are important, but the process of film placement can not be ignored. It is critical to choose a reputable and well service store. The general regular car beauty shop is equipped with a professional film shop, because the process of film coating must be relatively duer and shady. Car owners do not want to save money, to choose some roadside shops, and even choose some unreliable black shops, which will not only cause the quality of the sticker can not meet the requirements, but also may have damage to the car and car glass, not to lose. Because the film is most afraid of dust and gravel, street work is difficult to clean the environment.

Before the Decker, the owner can go around the decoration shop and look around in the shop to see if the shop is neat, the ground is clean, and whether the ground is clean? Is there an authorization certificate for the explosion-proof solar film manufacturer? Is the service level of the sticker technician? The vehicle with film sticking can also observe whether the construction process and construction process are fluent and rigorous.

- preparation work is essential

As the saying goes, &ldquo is &rdquo. Everything should be considered comprehensively.

before the film, we should first protect the vehicle's facilities, and cover the car seats and dashboards with plastic covers. When the film is sticker, do not use the lubricant that easily discoloring the film, nor can it be sticker in the case of direct sunlight, because this film is easy to wrinkle and bubble, greatly affecting the beauty of the image of the car.

it is better not to open the knife and paste the front or rear windshield, otherwise it will lose its explosion-proof and affect the appearance. How do professional technology do? The rear windshield glass of the car has a arc, the glass of the imported car is large and the arc is bigger. The professional technology is to cut the sun film into the rear windshield, and use the special tool and hot air gun to roast the film into the same arc of the rear windshield glass outside the rear windshield, and then paste it inside the car.

When acceptance is accepted, be careful

After the whole car has finished the film, the car mainly sits in the car to see if the color is uniform, whether there are bubbles, the gravel is too much, and whether the film affects the line of sight from a variety of angles. Can also be the window down, check the cutting knife diaphragm neatly rounded, leaving the technological edge whether similar size etc..

Cable “ quality assurance card ” retain the documents.

As the saying goes, “ speaking without ” if the original agreement between the buyer and the seller is only an oral agreement, and there is no written certificate, it will cause inconvenience to the later responsibility. When making a car, the owner must ask the shopkeeper for the official product quality assurance card. Some brands have film quality assurance cards, and remember to request them from merchants. The film without warranty card must also keep all kinds of invoice, so that it can be used as a credential to find merchant &ldquo when there is a problem; theory ”

After the coating, careful protection

After the completion of the car sticker, we should pay attention to the side window in the summer 24 hours and winter for 48 hours in winter do not open, and do not use nails or sharp objects to the edge of the membrane, so as to avoid dirt entry. If there is a bubble, it should be processed within 24 hours to a professional car beauty shop.

- after two weeks, it can be cleaned

The sticker can be cleaned after 2~3 weeks, and the soft articles such as the cloth that are not hair are used to dip the water in the washing spirit. Pay attention not to be sandwiched with gravel or sharp particles to avoid scratching the surface of the membrane, and at the same time, it can not be cleaned with amino liquid. After coating, there is cloud like mist between the membrane and glass. It will dry away naturally within 2~3 weeks. After washing the car after washing the car, the towel usually has some fine sand, then it will damage the film surface, so try not to use the towel to wipe the glass, but to prepare a soft towel to wipe.

- prevent explode, wash the car carefully

The temperature of the front window of the car in the sun is very high, so the hot car can not be washed directly with cold water, especially the front windshield can not be washed directly with the high pressure water gun. Otherwise, it is very easy to cause the glass to appear dark and even burst immediately because of the rapid cooling. If you regularly wash such glass, glass explode phenomenon will occur in the process of moving vehicles.

this is the end of the car beauty campaign. Welcome the owner to see the next issue.

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