In the face of the sudden drop of temperature in winter, how should we maintain our love car?

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This winter temperatures drop into the powerful in this case how we conduct the daily maintenance of the car? Maybe you know that maybe you don't know how to let China talk to you here and how to maintain the car. If you think it's good, you can refer to the little editor, and see more of the following.

Replace all kinds of oil

(1) the use of fuel low pour point and good liquidity. At low temperature, the viscosity of fuel increases and the fluidity becomes worse. The combustion process of fuel is deteriorated easily, and the starting, dynamic and economical efficiency of the engine is obviously reduced. Therefore, under the condition of conditions, the fuel with low condensation point should be selected. General selection principle is that fuel pour point 5 degrees lower than the ambient temperature.

(2) change the oil. In the low temperature condition, the viscosity of engine oil increases with the temperature decreasing, and the fluidity becomes worse. Therefore, the bad oil should be replaced in time to make up or eliminate the bad effect.

(3) replace all kinds of lubricants and grease in winter. To enter the winter, we should use the winter lubricating oil to replace the transmission, main reducer, steering gear and so on. Wheel bearings should be replaced with low drop grease.

Maintenance of the engine cooling system

(1) check the working condition of the thermostat, ensure that the thermostat works well and prevent the engine's water temperature from being too low or too high. If the engine is running at low temperature, it will lead to the increase of machine wear.

(2) scavenging the scale in the water jacket. Cleaning the engine water jacket, cleaning the internal scale, preventing excessive accumulation of scale, affecting the engine heat to make the machine temperature too high, such as water scale blocking the release of water switch, will lead to not clean water.

(3) annotation of antifreeze. When the temperature is too low and the conditions are allowed, the antifreeze solution can be used to clean the cooling system thoroughly before use, and the antifreeze liquid with good quality and low corrosion should be selected to avoid the phenomenon of corrosion of the machine parts because of the quality of the antifreeze liquid.

Maintenance of electrical equipment

(1) check the density of the electrolyte. May be appropriate to increase the density of the electrolyte, the electrolyte density is too low to avoid, and the battery casing cracking accident.

(2) the charging voltage of the high power generator. Due to the increase of battery discharge at low temperature, the charge quantity of the generator must be increased, and the limit voltage of the regulator can be properly adjusted. In general, the limit voltage of the regulator in winter is more suitable than 0.6V in the summer.

(3) maintenance of the starting motor. It is difficult to start the engine in winter, and the number of starting motors is frequent. If the power of starter is not enough, it will further increase the difficulty of starting the engine. The practice shows that in the summer, starting the engine may be very smooth if the engine has a slight failure and the power is slightly insufficient, but it will become very difficult to start in winter and even can not be started in winter. Therefore, a thorough maintenance of the starter should be done to keep the parts of the starter machine clean and dry, especially between the brush and commutator.

(4) to strengthen the insulation of the battery. In order to prevent freezing and starting performance of the battery, a sandwich insulation battery box can be made in winter to improve the battery temperature.

adjustment of fuel system and ignition system

in winter, the oil level of the float chamber of the carburetor should be raised properly and the stroke of the oil pump should be adjusted and accelerated, so that the mixture can meet the needs of low temperature operation.

in order to facilitate the start-up at low temperature, the closing angle of the contact points should be increased appropriately, and the contact gap should be adjusted to 0.30-0.40mm, so as to enhance the spark intensity.

Maintenance preheating device

for a diesel engine equipped with a preheating device (mostly diesel engine), we should check and maintain the preheating equipment before going to winter to ensure that the technology is in good condition. During maintenance, we should check the circuit and the oil circuit to prevent the start up of the engine due to the bad working of the preheating device.

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