There are a lot of attention to the modification of the automobile brake system

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Many car owners like to refit their own cars. Let's talk about what we should pay attention to when we redress the car brake system. Get to know it.
No matter what car, the brake system is the most important part of the vehicle safety, and for some of the fans with large horsepower, the brakes are more powerful. After all, the car has a strong acceleration but can not be easily stopped.

a car with a 200 horsepower and 1300 kilogram weight may take 9-10 seconds to speed up to 100km/h at a speed of speed, but it will only take less than 3 seconds for the same car to decelerate from the speed of 100km/h to completely stationary in the case of violent brakes. A lot of cars are “ kinetic energy ” that is, the brake system is transformed into thermal energy instantaneously, and accumulated on brake components, wheels and pavement.

Moreover, if there is no locked wheel brake, so most of the heat will be absorbed brake parts. If the heat can not be lost quickly, it will cause the brake skin or brake oil to overheat, causing them to lose their most important role — — — safety. So when changing the brake system, every link will be related to temperature.

The brake skin of the original 3 links of the brake is required to take care of the cost, durability, cleanliness and low temperature effect. Generally, the friction coefficient will not be very high (about 0.4), and most of them can not withstand the temperature above 300 degrees C, and the efficiency decline after continuous use is repeated. Therefore, replacing the high-performance brake skin is the first step to refit the brake system.

Note: select high performance brake pads to be careful not to covet high friction coefficient and high temperature. The brake skin with high temperature resistance is not good at low temperature. If some brake shoes with high starting temperature are selected, the owners should be careful when driving in the winter morning.

Suggestions: generally, fans can choose &ldquo with working temperature of 0 to 500 degrees, and friction coefficient of more than 0.4. Sports &rdquo and brake shoes. Replacing a large multi piston brake caliper can directly improve the brake performance.

The principle is simple. The brake pincers are large and the total area of the brake skin is larger. The more the brake pincers, the more the pressure and temperature applied to the brake skin, the more uniform it produces, and the total area of the piston can be increased, and the braking efficiency is certainly better.

Suggestion: from a practical point of view, we should consider whether we should choose the calipers or match, so the general high-performance streetcar should be 4 piston calipers. In addition to providing power, the other important function of the brake disc is a large area of high efficiency radiator, which is responsible for spreading the heat generated by the brake into the air.

Therefore, from the perspective of pure performance, the larger the brake disc is, the better the brake disc is, but the size of the brake disc is limited by the hub size.

Modified brake system should pay attention to the distribution of the brake balance before and after the braking force is too large, easy to tire lock. If the braking force is too large, will cause the brake when the rear wheel lockup flick.

Do not work on the brake disc by itself (such as drilling), uncalculated soil processing will seriously affect the rigidity of the disc, not only durable, but also the possibility of breaking up the disc in high strength brake.

in the final analysis, every aspect of the brake is perfect, which makes the car stop or the friction on the ground. If the tire performance is poor, or the ground is wet and slippery, there will be no good braking effect.

the limit of the grip of the tire is the maximum limit of the performance of the brake, and everything else is just to get close to the limit, not to raise the limit. So in addition to spending money on the brake system, we also need to buy good tyres.

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