The clean work of the city SUV can not be careless

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-22

more and more car buyers choose SUV as their driving car, and SUV's maintenance methods are different from those of ordinary sedan chairs. Especially in summer, the weather is rainy and hot, so this bicycle school specially introduces some tips for maintaining SUV in this season.

special maintenance of the four drive system

Unlike other vehicles, the city SUV, equipped with a timely four drive system, is in the summer when the rain is big. The separation box and the rear axle may enter the water. Therefore, it is suggested to increase the frequency of oil replacement and ensure the replacement of oil every 40 thousand kilometers.

the director of the after sales department of the Fuzhou automobile 4S store tells the reporter that the SUV engine power is usually relatively large. Under the high temperature condition, the lubricating oil is easily oxidized and deteriorated, the viscosity is reduced, the wear of the machine parts is aggravated, and the lubricating oil consumption will be faster. Therefore, in the case of higher temperature in summer, if a lower grade lubricating oil is selected, it may cause low oil pressure and seriously damage the engine.

We should use suitable lubricating oil according to the proposal of the original factory, with good lubrication, high temperature and so on, so that the differential and automatic transmission can be completely protected. The best way to maintain the engine is to shorten the oil mileage (the gallery Forum) and replace the engine oil with high quality and high stability.

Keep in time and keep it in time

consumers with SUV in the city prefer traveling, exploring and cross-country. As the National Day draws near, many owners in Fuzhou are eager to plan holiday plans. The staff at 4S shop remind the riders that they should first check thoroughly before they travel. The four wheel drive system, chassis, transmission, tire and transmission system are the main ones. At the same time, considering the changing road conditions, it is suggested to do four rounds of positioning detection to avoid the unnecessary loss of tire and driving stability because of the change of the positioning data.

Professionals also remind that because of the difference between the chassis structure of the city SUV and the off-road vehicles, it is not recommended to drive the city SUV to desert and desert areas. Of course, if the driving city SUV is returned from the complex area of the road, it is necessary to check the tire wear of the SUV, especially the inner tube wall and tire pattern. If a tire has been repaired over three times or the tire wall has been repaired, it is recommended to replace the new tire.

Clean work is not so careless

SUV, compared with a family car, has to undergo more cruelty tests. For safe driving and to increase the service life of SUV, it is crucial to do well in a timely and scientific way to clean a good car.

first of all, to choose the right cleaning agent, SUV car cleaning can not rely on only one kind of detergents and protective products. Due to the different materials in the vehicle parts, and relatively scattered and scattered, we should pay attention to the choice of using different detergents. Selection of alkaline cleaner, although there is whitening, decontamination efficacy, but there will be a certain degree of future, alkaline too strong detergent will soak the linen, leather chair, ceiling, eventually appear crackling, cracking. The professional method should be to select the cleaning fluid with a pH value of not more than 10.

Secondly, the dashboard coating protection agent should not be less. After the vehicle is cleaned, a protective coating is also applied on the instrument panel and leather chair. Now, the leather protection agent is divided into three kinds of emulsifying, oily and water: the emulsifying agent has the clean function but the alkalinity; the oil protection agent contains the solvent component, it will corrode the resin and pigment on the leather, and produce the leather to fade, it is best not to choose; the water protection agent is neutral, it has soft leather recovery projectile. The role of sex and luster.

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