Car safety knowledge and safety belt and headrest must not be careless

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-22

the so-called “ driving frequently does not mean driving &rdquo. The details of driving and driving will affect our driving safety.

The height of the head pillow affects driving

In driving the vehicle, our head usually does not leave the head pillow, but the height of the head pillow depends on the head on the head pillow, the middle of the head pillow is aligned with the middle of the head. adjust Car When the head is located, the height of the head should be adjusted to the eye or ear of the rider, and the better the distance from the back to the head of the car, the better not more than 10 centimeters, so that the safety of the driver's neck can be protected to the maximum.

The adjustment of the correct driving position seems simple, but it is the foundation of safe driving. In case of emergency, the correct driving position and the correct driving posture will make you respond most quickly. Automobile headrest can provide comfortable feeling for drivers and passengers, and it can better protect the neck safety of drivers and passengers when traffic accidents happen. For example, in the event of collision accidents such as car rear end, a huge impact can be produced to make the driver's head back up sharply. In this case, the fragile neck is easily injured and even fatal. If the car head pillow is placed correctly, we can protect drivers and passengers from traffic accidents and avoid injuries to our neck and head.

Safety belt maintenance should be paid attention to

many car owners believe that the seat belt is “ pull up and buckle up ” OK. In fact, the correct safety belt lace should be pulled from the middle of the left shoulder clavicle, the height must not be lower than the shoulder, preferably 5~10cm.

the maintenance of seat belts is often neglected in the routine maintenance of automobiles. Usually check the performance of the seat belt, once the damage should be changed in time, all fixed seat and seat belt bolts on the floor next to the chair should be tightened according to the regulations, and sealants should be coated around the bolts. When the seat belt is too dirty, you can use soft soapy water as a cleaning liquid and scrub with cloth or sponge.

Experts suggest that the car owner, if your car's seat belt has had a strong straightening load in use, should be replaced even if it is not damaged, and do not continue to use it.

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