Check the tools carefully before you drive to avoid halfway cars

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How can I be not excited by the super long golden week? It's fun to get on the bus and bring friends and family to see the good scenery. However, don't forget to get ready before you go, so that you can adjust the car to the best condition so as to avoid any disappointment on the road.

Travel ready to be careless

friends who have experience in self driving travel have the experience that small trouble can also become intractable when vehicles are experiencing problems elsewhere. And at present, there are not too many standards in the way of driving, and there will be a variety of problems in the course of travel, and a lot of preparatory work is done before the departure. It is impossible to avoid many embarrassments in the journey.

self driving tour, if possible, it is best to bring your home around you, which may be the most reassuring. Of course, this is just a kind of extravagant demand. Basically, for travel preparation, it can be divided into the following categories.

Necessary one: text class

ID card, driving license, driving license, road maintenance fee and purchase tax certificate, vehicle use tax certificate, route map, credit card, insurance bill, notebook and pen, etc. Especially for places that are not very familiar with, it is very effective to prepare a map in advance. At present, GPS navigator is also becoming one of the necessary equipment. Before you start, you should prepare some favorite music. Self driving happiness is the car, the people, the music, the process, and the memories of the future are often clearer because of the music.

Essential two: daily use category

Timely clothing, sun hats, gloves, soft bottom shoes for driving, rain gear, lighting appliance, heat preservation kettle and tableware, photographic equipment, washing equipment, etc. Lighting equipment: in addition to the necessary basic lighting, such as rechargeable camping lamp, vaporization lamp, and other basic lighting, it is suggested that more fairy maiden, candles and other small props create atmosphere, so as to add interest to the travel.

Essential three: vehicle spare parts

“ four magic weapon ” ready to take with the car. These magic weapons are trailer rope, battery connection line, triangular parking warning sign and spare tire. The most important thing to emphasize is water, in addition to drinking water, it also needs to use more than 10L plastic barreled tap water, can be used to wash the hands also can be used to supplement the engine coolant in emergency, avoid “ open the ” If necessary, bring a bucket of oil and petrol for emergency use.

Essential four: others

Emergency device, multifunctional watch, compass, communication device, combined tool, camping equipment and so on. If there is a car rescue card, it is best to carry it with you.

autumn is getting cooler, and cars are almost the same as people. Facing the upcoming “ eleven ” golden week, many riders are ready to travel by car. At this point, it is particularly important to maintain the car. No matter how busy you work, you must take the time to take the car to the 4S shop for a comprehensive maintenance and safety check, and any fluke will bring more loss and trouble. Perhaps you will say that you will turn around the door, a little trouble does not matter, and it may be a safety hazard, not in time to solve the problem may lead to catastrophe, in the safety of the problem can not be half a little careless.

Repair scratches in time with a lacquer appliance

This season is heavy rain, because the acid in the rain and the surface of the car are very wet, if there is a marked scratch on the surface of the body surface at this time, it is necessary to repair it in time so as not to accelerate the rust scratches under wet conditions, causing greater damage.

the friends of the Golden Week travel program are best equipped to repair, clean, polish and wax the surface of the car. If the destination of the tour is the harsh environment, it is recommended to bring the paint repair appliances, such as special paint repair pen or paint solution, to prevent the scratch corrosion from expanding.

Barometer and inflator prevent tyres from “ temper ”

“ eleven ” during this period, the temperature began to decrease in many places, especially in the north. The tire pressure will drop slightly, and tire pressure should be added to the tire in time, and keep it within the required pressure range before going out. It is best to prepare a barometer and inflator to test the tire pressure regularly and to inflate in time when the tire pressure is insufficient.

The rainy and frost weather is much more, the wet and slippery of the road also requires that the tire can keep enough friction. If the tire surface is badly worn, the new tire should be replaced in time, and the tires that have been repaired many times should be replaced. When it is cold, the rubber tire will become hard and brittle, reduce the coefficient of friction, easily leak and tie the tire. Even if the new tire is replaced, it is necessary to clean up the sundries in the pattern of the tire surface and check whether there are scratches and drum.

In “ eleven ” when traveling, prepare barometer, car inflatable pump, and check the spare tire and other things. The hands-on friends can also prepare a set of tire tools in order to prevent the problem of running out of the tires in the field trip.

Check “ one liquid two oil ” prevent car “ make ”

“ eleven ” the owner of the car who travels in the golden week should carefully check the &ldquo before departure; a liquid two oil ” that is, antifreeze, oil and brake oil.

after the engine has been used for a period of time, especially the car that has experienced long-distance driving, the inner part of the engine will deposit a layer of oil sludge. A long time will cause engine fuel consumption to increase, power to reduce, and even damage the engine. Clean the engine and check the engine oil, brake oil and antifreeze in the engine compartment. The shortage should be added in time to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. In order to avoid the car on the way out “ &rdquo.

Brake oil is the most important point, because the brake oil will cause gas resistance due to a small amount of water, it is very easy to cause a short time brake failure after the brakes or continuous brakes, which is very dangerous in the driving. For the sake of travel safety, do not neglect this.

If your destination is far away, be sure to go to the 4S shop before you travel to do a comprehensive test, to ensure that the engine is normal before departure, in order to prevent inconvenient maintenance in a relatively remote place, or to affect your trip because of the engine problem.

Be careful with the green oxide on the battery

the battery is prone to problems in the fall. If it does not work properly, it will cause the engine to fire hard. In addition, the battery's electrode wiring will produce green oxide when the electrode is aging. These green oxides can cause the battery to not be charged properly, causing the shortage of electricity. “ eleven ” you must check it carefully before you go on a trip, especially the owners of second cars at home, and you must focus on the battery before using a long stopped vehicle. If you see green deposits at the battery junction, wash out as soon as possible with boiling water, and then dry it with sand paper, and spray it to protect the oxide layer.

Check the belt to prevent sudden breakage

in autumn, the belt should be checked and maintained, so as to avoid the mechanical accident of the piston top valve due to the fracture of the timing belt.

In addition, the following items are also special attention when testing: (1) check engine light, air bag lamp, ABS lamp, S lamp (when S key is closed), if it is open, if not bright, go to maintenance station maintenance; (2) check brake system: see whether the braking distance is normal. If it is a old car running long distance, we should calculate the mileage of the brake disc and clutch plate, so as to ensure that the vehicle will not cause failure because of the above two pieces of excessive wear and tear. (3) check the direction system: check whether there is direction shaking, hair swing, deviation; (4) check the external equipment such as wiper, rearview mirror and so on. (5) all vehicles with electronic control of fuel injection engines should pay attention to the addition of gasoline. It is best to choose large and medium-sized state-owned gas stations, and poor quality gasoline is easy to cause damage to the engine.

to meet the super long golden week, in order to travel smoothly, the inspection before traveling is naturally essential.

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