Regular cleaning of throttle can prevent high risk of idle speed

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-22

When your SUV has been about 5 years, about 80 thousand kilometers, but the car's idle speed has been high, to the 4S shop to change the idle motor or so, what is the cause of this? How can you deal with it?

in case of high idle speed and replacement of idle motor, the following three points should be further examined.

1. check whether the vacuum tube of the engine is leaking or not. If it is determined that it is leaking, replace the vacuum tube.

2. Check the engine fault lights of the instrument panel, if the engine failure is found to be immediately to the 4S shop for computer testing, see which part of the problem leads to idling instability, including sensor failure, engine combustion failure, valve position sensor fault, and so on.

3. check whether the throttle is dirty. Whether there is carbon in the throttle and the idle motor. The throttle smudges will cause the throttle to be closed or the idle motor is stuck, which can cause the engine to idle too fast.

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