Two reasons for vehicle jitter check intake system or throttle valve

Category:Automobile brake repair - Date:2018-04-21

Car Is it normal?

Reader, Mr. Mo asked: the car was bought only in September last year, and now it has only opened more than 10000 kilometers. In the near future, it was found that the body shook very clearly in the morning and was also jitter when driving. What is the reason for this?

Response: there are two reasons for this situation, one is the carbon in the intake system, that is, there is a lot of carbon deposition around the valve seat and around the idle motor, causing the mixture to be too thick and too thin. Idle speed jitter will be formed, which is more obvious when the cold car starts.

Two is the throttle of the throttle is too dirty, because there is a lot of carbon or dirt around the throttle valve plate, the air passage section will change, so that the control unit can not accurately control the idle intake volume, resulting in excessive mixture or too thin mixture.

What is the reason why cold cars are difficult to start?

Miss Lu asked: Recently, it is difficult to start the car in the morning. What is the reason for this?

Reply: the phenomenon that the cold car is not easy to start in the morning involves many reasons, such as the excess carbon in the intake system, the low fuel pressure and the bad atomization of the nozzle, the bad performance of the ignition system and so on, mainly with the spark plug, the high pressure line and the ignition coil. There is a direct relationship between the performance of the work.

Again, if the idle control valve has poor working performance and poor performance of the related sensor, the cold car will not be easy to start, such as water temperature sensor, air flow meter or manifold pressure sensor.

how can the tire noise be reduced?

readers, Mr. Chen asked: when the car is running at high speed, the tire noise is a bit big. How can we reduce tire noise?

reply: if you want to get a very quiet interior environment, you need to conduct noise treatment for the whole car, including doors, glue, firewalls and so on.

Second, the replacement of high quality mute tires, the cost of this change is relatively large, will not affect the vehicle warranty, because it will not involve the changes of the original car accessories.

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