There should be a detailed description of the car coming back from a long vacation - car maintenance

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short term spring festival seven days long vacation has come to an end. Do you feel that this holiday is too short for you to start work? While we are about to return to work, do not forget to let you take you all over the north and south of the river, also from the state of the festival to the state of work, for them to do a comprehensive and necessary inspection and maintenance.

First, check the condition of the car oil to avoid the lack of “ oil and water ”

Generally speaking, the loss of antifreeze and oil after long distance driving is a common phenomenon. If you forget to add a number of oil labels at the time, don't blindly add new oil at this time, because the mixed use of different labeled oil may cause adverse consequences. The right thing to do is to make clear the original oil mark and select the same label for adding, of course, if your maintenance time is coming, then put the original oil clean and add the new oil.

what should we do if the liquid level of the antifreeze is too low? Here I would like to introduce a common sense to you: the common engine antifreeze needs to be closed every 2 years (because antirust anti corrosion additives in the antifreeze will gradually fail); long life (usually red) engine cooling can be changed for 4 years, and this antifreeze is absolutely not mixed with ordinary antifreeze.

Two. Check the internal parts of the engine compartment to avoid loosening and shedding into hidden dangers.

another thing in the engine compartment is also checked. It is “ air filter &rdquo. If you travel more dust than in the city, then the air filter may be able to absorb too much dust at this time, and if the dust enters the engine, it will cause the wear of the components in the engine. Therefore, it is very necessary to remove the air filter and check it.

Three. Timely cleaning and early repair of wounds found inside and outside the car.

The appearance here includes the surface of the body And you All the parts that can be seen. Although it sounds complex but it's very simple in fact, such as whether your body's surface has been damaged after a long and high speed drive (because it is hard to bump into a small stone on the road and damage the surface of the paint), the way to check is to rinse the car off and round your favorite car around two circles and The site of the injury was found.

The face project is only the first step. To make the car like a new look, give yourself a good mood, the interior of the vehicle can not be ignored. The entrance to the air inlet or the inlet grille, the electronic cooling fan, the felt, the carriage and the rear compartment light can't be ignored. In the long journey, there will be some leaves, plastic bags and insect corpses, such as the air inlet or air inlet, the electronic cooling fan and so on, and the water tank and air conditioner condensers will also be covered with dust. If the vehicle goes through some bad roads (such as wading) or flooding, the vehicle mat may be damp, moldy and produce peculiar smell. In the carriage, there will be a lot of dust, especially carpet, roof and door decorations. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether there are sundries in the inlet or intake grille, whether the carpet is wet, whether there is dust accumulation on the roof and door panels, etc.

During the festival, the relatives and friends, the reserve box will be loaded with a variety of gifts, at the same time, there will be various kinds of cleaning agent, car mop and so on in the back-up box, which will not only cause the taste, but also the cleaning agent and other chemicals will cause pollution to the surrounding environment, so the rear compartment is carried out after the festival. It is very necessary to clean up.

There should be a detailed description of the car coming back from a long vacation - car maintenance
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