Winter car maintenance: where should winter automobile maintenance go?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-21

with the sudden drop of temperature, winter has approached our side quietly. Although now people go out and don't have to tremble for the roaring north wind, there are still many people who are worried about the arrival of winter. The reasons are mostly that: &ldquo. Where do the maintenance of the car in winter do? ”.

Speaking of winter car maintenance, it is necessary that many people will say, this has what can be annoying, running a car run to 4S shop to do a comprehensive inspection do not do, though it is right, but the 4S shop is not moved to hundreds of thousands of expenses, and that non modification of the operation way really let the human flesh pain.

but recently a friend recommended a good place for car maintenance to me: Anji yellow hat. It is said that the Anji yellow hat is a joint venture company with the yellow hat of the famous multinational automobile supplies company of Japan. It is the director unit of the Shanghai Automobile Maintenance Industry Association. Its stores are a one-stop service platform which integrates automobile supplies, beauty, fast repair, fast insurance and upholstery, whether it is the size of the shop and the brand. The after-sales service is no less than the 4S store, and of course, the most important thing is that their prices are much better than the 4S store, especially the recent “ the winter commodities joint exhibition ” the large promotional activities.

under the instigation of friends, he drove to Anji yellow hat store in Wuzhong Road 500 last weekend, presumably the service would be better. The eye is the “ the winter supplies joint exhibition ” the activities of all kinds of publicity, a simple turn, found that the store area of about more than 3000 square meters, the store is divided into 2 layers, one layer for the construction area, the two layer of automobile goods supermarket. The store's attendants were very enthusiastic, and sent to the store on the &ldquo, the winter supplies joint exhibition &rdquo, a single page, and a friendly introduction to some of the highlights of the event. From the leaflet's leaflet, the Anji yellow hat has been launched in winter from November 1st to November 30th, for a month. The activity is dominated by the car winter seat cushion, which is concerned by the owner of the car. It is worthy of attention that more than a hundred winter cushions are used in this activity to promote the sale of the winter cushions. According to the service staff, the real price is one of the major promotions of Anji yellow hat. Bright spot, through clear code real price, each participates in this activity in the commodity all shows its discount bottom line, let the car owner can enjoy the most favorable price at the first time. Although the period for the price of only 298 yuan super soft Beige car imitation wool cushion is very heartbeat, but has already bought the winter cushion and can only helplessly kill the desire to buy a set of impulsiveness.

After a comparison, the last choice for the love car to do a maintenance, during the period of service personnel informing: in Anji yellow hat after the purchase of oil to do maintenance is not required to pay extra hours, that is to say is free replacement, little surprise, after all, for our once loyal 4S store consumers It's very exciting. In addition, a free membership card is provided free of charge. It is introduced that members enjoy free 12 safety inspection services for free car throughout the year.

Look back, look like a friend's saying: if you don't go to the Anji yellow hat shop to see it, then you will feel very sorry at the end. It is also hoped that in this winter, all the friends do not have regrets, so we recommend that you have time to see the Anji yellow hat shop, believe that the harvest will be a surprise to you.

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