Winter snowy car wash common sense, four points must be circumvent

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-21

washing the car after snow seems like a trifle, but if you don't pay attention, it will become. Car Unfavorable factors for winter maintenance. We need to avoid a few erroneous zones after washing the car after snow. Let me tell you today.

Misunderstandings 1: hot water for car washing after snow

Some owners use hot water when they wash their cars in the snow. The car maintenance experts remind that a hot bath after the snow is a devastation to the car, because the sudden change in temperature will hurt the car paint and make it gradually lose its gloss, and the windshield glass of the car may also crack in the hot water. After the snow washing can not be washed directly with cold water, especially after the heating of the engine, the temperature of the front part of the car is high and the cold water cleaning will cause the rapid cooling. It is very bad for the surface paint, and the engine can not be washed directly. At this point, the correct way to wash the car is to start the car to open the warm air system on the car, and then rub the car with warm water. After washing, the door should be opened to dry up the water and prevent the residual water from freezing. Don't force switches when windows are frozen, especially electric windows.

Misunderstandings two: it is not timely to wash the car in the snow

sometimes it snows for several days. Some owners drag and wash the car repeatedly. When they wash the car, they find that the paint is not as glossy as before. Automobile beauty maintenance experts said that after the snow wash the car in time, even if the weather forecast shows that there will be snow in the next few days, do not drag and wash the car. As long as it is covered with snow, it is necessary to wash away the snow with clear water. Snow contains corrosive components, whether it is lacquer, chassis or tires, hubs, long-term snow cover will cause harm.

Misunderstandings three: wash your car without changing water

most of the owners know that washing the car immediately after snow will protect the car very well. But there are also worse lacquer lacquer. Because these owners often carry a bucket of water with a rag to wash the car. It is not impossible to wash the car himself, but many people do not have the right way. Some owners use only a bucket of water when they wash their cars, and the repeated sands in the bucket have scratched the car paint. Besides, only using clean water can not wash away the salt and alkaline substances in the snow water. Car maintenance experts suggest that it is best to go to a professional car wash shop, rinse the body through a large number of flowing water and neutral detergent added in the water. The wheel brush will clean the sludge in the hub gap very clean.

Misunderstandings four: the chassis is clean and not rustproof

some owners reflected that after the snow, they went to the professional car wash shop to wash the car, but somehow the chassis of the car was corroded. Automobile maintenance experts explain that car washing machines are equipped with chassis flushing equipment. A strong water column flush up the chassis, which can thoroughly rinse the mud water attached to the surface of the chassis, but a large amount of water will also be sprayed to the chassis parts. In this way, the metal parts of the chassis will soon rust. Rust will accelerate chassis damage and is not easy to remedy. Therefore, after washing the chassis thoroughly with the car washing machine, it should be dried immediately, and then the professional personnel should use the special vehicle chassis antirust agent for rust treatment. The antirust agent contains anticorrosive agent, wet remover and synthetic osmotic protective agent. It has special effect on resisting salt fog and humid air.

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