In winter, light bulbs need to be switched on

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-21

entering the winter, the short days and nights are becoming more and more obvious. The commuters who drove to work felt more pronounced. Driving in winter, especially attention should be paid to the detection and maintenance of vehicle lighting system, full use and careful driving.

driving in winter, accompanied by low temperature, is the longer night time and the increase of fog and haze. All of these bring a lot of trouble to the driver. In winter, people not only need to wear clothes and keep warm, but also care for cars.

more and more private owners have been aware of this problem, but it must be pointed out that it is still not enough to change the tire pressure, to add antifreeze, and to the right hot car start habit. In recent years, a large number of accidents have shown that car lights are becoming a hidden killer in traffic accidents, which is often ignored by owners.

From foreign statistics, 60% of the car accidents are caused by the lack of sight. Therefore, in Europe, many luxury cars and European cars have taken automatic headlights as an important and basic active safety configuration. At present, some areas in China have started pilot projects, which require vehicles to open daytime lights in specific periods, such as autumn and winter. In recent years, when we go out, we can often see that the daytime lights of some high-grade cars are always bright. This is actually the automatic setting of the vehicle when it comes out of the factory. For safety consideration, it is not the result of the bad car lamp or the car owner.

In winter, because of the short day of night, combined with low temperature and poor air mobility, the fog and haze happens, and the bad sight is more common. Obviously, this will directly affect the driver's correct judgment of the road conditions, and the consequences of the misjudgment of the situation will lead to a series of car accidents, and in serious cases even the car destroys people. In some parts of Zhejiang, &ldquo has been implemented; the daylight driving headlights &rdquo.

is it safe to turn on headlights in a gray light? First of all, the eyes are analyzed. At dawn and dusk, the eyes have the weakest recognition of color and shape, and the pupil is in the working state of the day and night. The target that can be clearly judged at the distance of 300 meters, usually has to be close to 50 meters at this time.

Look at it again Car The color. Many consumers will choose silver gray cars, and silver gray is a good camouflage color, it is easy to integrate into the gray background, it is not easy to distinguish. Therefore, the function of automatic headlights will appear at this time. Because turning on headlights is not just to see the road clearly, but also to let others see their cars. Therefore, the key to solve the problem is to enhance the brightness of the headlights.

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