Improper use of driving technology for turbocharged vehicle

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now more and more turbocharged cars are being sold in the automobile market, with T. Vehicle model the main function is to increase the intake volume of the engine so as to improve the power and torque of the main engine and make the car more powerful. But there is Car professionals say that turbochargers are very particular in their use.

It is easy to damage the engine by improper use

Mr. Liu bought a turbocharged car three years ago. Recently, he found that there was a problem with the engine and he could not stop it. remove sb. from office4S store after checking, the maintenance personnel said that the main reason was that the owner would not use the turbocharged car, which would result in engine failure. Mr. Liu said, “ I usually just run in the city, rarely on high speed, in addition, it is also a parking will be flameout, how can such a failure ”?

High maintenance cost of turbocharged engine

Mr. Wei, a professional vehicle maintenance professional, said that compared with the ordinary natural suction engine, the maintenance and maintenance cost of the turbocharged engine is a little higher. The exhaust gas driven turbine has a very high speed in the work, and it needs high quality oil to lubricate and cool it. After daily driving, parking can not be extinguished immediately, but engine idle running for a while, so that the turbocharger is lubricated and cooled, and exhaust gas, in order to prolong the service life of the turbocharger, otherwise it is easy to damage the engine.

Master Wei said, “ if the car is used only in the city, then I do not agree with the car owners to buy turbocharged models, because this type of turbocharging is difficult to embody at low speed, and many turbochargers are to be reflected in the case of three thousand or four thousand turns, but only in the city. The number is only more than 2000 turns, so turbocharging can not play its role at all. ”

it is understood that turbocharging is more expensive in terms of maintenance and maintenance. Generally, turbocharged vehicles will have to replace new turbines at about 60 thousand kilometers. In addition, turbocharging requires higher quality oil. In this way, the maintenance cost of the turbocharged vehicle and the cost of maintaining the car are quite high.

Tips: use of turbocharged engines

After the turbocharger engine is started, you can't step on the accelerator pedal. It should run at an idle speed for three minutes. This is to make the engine oil temperature rise, the flow performance is better, so that the turbocharger is fully lubricated, then the engine speed can be improved and start.

turbocharged engine can not extinguish immediately after high speed operation. The reason is that when the engine works, part of the engine oil supplies the turbocharger rotor bearing and the cooling. When the running engine suddenly stops, the engine oil pressure drops quickly to zero, the lubricating oil will be interrupted, the heat in the turbocharger is not taken away by the engine oil, then the turbocharger turbine part The heat is transmitted to the middle, and the heat in the bearing housing can not be taken away quickly, while the supercharger rotor is still rotating at high speed under inertia. This will cause &ldquo between the turbocharger shaft and the axle sleeve, bite &rdquo, and damage the bearing and shaft. Therefore, the engine should be idle for three minutes before turning off, so that the rotor speed of the turbocharger decreases. In addition, it is worth noting that the turbocharged engine is also not suitable for idle running for a long time, and generally should be kept within 10 minutes.

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