Five basic principles should be paid attention to in automobile decoration with safety and comfort

Category:Automobile cosmetology - Date:2018-04-21

During the interior decoration of the car, the following 5 simple principles can be used to ensure the unity of the decorative effect and the style of the original car, at the same time without losing the fashion and taste.


the color of jewelry must be in harmony with the color of the car. We must not blindly pursue high grade and high price, so as not to become self defeating. For example, the interior of light colored cars should be avoided as far as possible with dark seat covers and red carpets. Otherwise, it is easy to give people a feeling of incongruity.


According to the size of the space in the car, some small, beautiful and practical ornaments, such as the tea cup frame, the perfume bottle and the storage box, can be chosen as much as possible for the owner's personality.

Clean and tidy

car accessories should be clean, hygienic and orderly, giving people a sense of uniformity and freedom.


The interior decoration of the car can never prevent the driver's safe driving or the safety of the crew, such as the hanging objects on the top of the car should not be too long, too large and too heavy; the ornaments on the rear windshield do not affect the line of sight and so on.


the color and texture of car accessories should conform to the owner's aesthetic standards. There is not much room in the car, so the smell of perfume should not be too strong.

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