Several methods of reducing and removing carbon in the main prevention

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-21

First: adding high quality gasoline

gasoline and other impurities such as wax and gum are the main components of carbon deposition. Therefore, the trend of carbon accumulation in clean gasoline is weaker. Unfortunately, the quality of gasoline in China is still lower than that in developed countries, so it can only be simplified. It is important to note that high marks are not equal to high quality, that is, the oil of No. 97 is not necessarily less than the impurity of No. 93. The label only represents the octane number of gasoline, which does not represent the quality and cleanliness.

in order to ensure the cleanliness of gasoline, some owners will use gasoline detergent in gasoline. This can effectively prevent the formation of carbon deposits on the metal surface, and gradually activate the original carbon particles to remove slowly, thus protecting the engine from damage. However, the addition of gasoline cleaners must be cautious. If you add fake products, you will get the opposite effect.

Second: do not travel at idle speed for a long time

When the idle time is long, the time of the engine reaches the normal temperature also grows, and the rate of evaporation is slow after the gasoline is sprayed to the back of the valve, and the carbon accumulation is also produced. At the same time, often idle speed, the air flow into the engine is also small, so the scour effect of carbon deposition is also very weak, will promote carbon deposition.

Third: run high speed and improve the shift speed of manual block as much as possible.

the purpose of multi speed high speed is to prevent carbon deposition by using the scour of air flow to the intake port. In addition, the speed of improving the shift is also the same as that of the multi run high speed. Changing the shift to 2500rpm conversion at the speed of 2000rpm can not only effectively prevent the generation of carbon, but also improve the power of the car, and avoid the knock on the low shift speed, and protect the engine.

Fourth: use of fuel cleaning and cleaning additives

cleaning the protective agent to clean the engine is quite simple. The specific usage and precautions can be seen in the product instructions. The cleaning agent is sucked into the fuel supply line with the fuel oil when the engine is working. With the flow of fuel, it can not only clean out the oil tank, the glial of the gasoline pump filter and the gum and coke on the nozzle, make the engine &ldquo, rejuvenate the &rdquo, and rejuvenate the surging power. Since the gum cleaned from the oil tank, the gasoline pump filter and the fuel pipeline will be deposited in the gasoline filter, the fuel filter must be replaced in time.

It needs to be reminded that the chemical cleaning components in the cleaning agent have a certain corrosion effect on the rubber oil supply pipeline. When using this method, we must pay attention to the use period and interval time, otherwise it will accelerate the aging and corrosion of the fuel oil pipeline.

Fifth: dismantling and cleaning

“ free dismantling ” simple and labor-saving, only in the right way. However, for serious engines with carbon deposition, this method seems incompetent and can not achieve the purpose of completely cleaning and cleaning. “ free of cleaning ” after the engine performance is still bad, and the technician tells you that the problem is that the valve and the cylinder in the body are too much Coke caused, then have to use the dismantling engine method to solve.

the cleaning of valve carbon deposition is relatively simple. After dismantling the intake manifold, it can be cleaned by manual or cleaning drugs. As for the cleaning of carbon in engine cylinder, it must be “ ” remove cylinder cover and timing belt before cleaning.

Because of the reassembly of the engine, the power and seal performance of the engine will be inferior to the original, so in general, the coke in the cylinder of the clean engine should not be often carried out. When necessary, we must go to a regular maintenance plant, otherwise the engine performance will be greatly reduced.

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