Decrypting the rearview mirror is not just a backward looking function

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anti dazzling, blind area early warning, Lane Assist, lane departure system … … a lot of Car technical terms are actually related to the rearview mirror, do you know? Now, the auto rearview mirror is not a simple function to look back, because of the progress of science and technology, it has been given all kinds of functions, everything is for security. But if you see this series of deep nouns, will you be deterred? Even doubts are not worth the money to buy these seemingly “ tall on ” configuration? The reporter took you to decrypt the &ldquo behind these car rearview mirror; secret ”

A good helper in the rain and snow

Skill: electric heating

when the rear view mirror is raining, it is easy to see the hazy vision because of the rain drops. Of course, there are many ways to solve it, such as stopping the car to wipe, or buying some car supplies to smear up and let the rain flow away. But these must be operated regularly or regularly, which is very troublesome. Is there a way to do it once and for all? Yes, let the rearview mirror be heated. In fact, this function is not new. Its principle is to ensure that the surface of the lens is clear by heating the heated wire after the lens is inserted. When it comes to rain and snow, this function comes in handy.

Nocturnal long light lights are no longer annoying

Skills: dazzling

is it really annoying to meet people who are driving the lights at night when driving? When a strong light came, no matter the front or rear, the driver was very uncomfortable and even dangerous. If it is in front, it may not be able for the time being, but there is still a way to solve the glare from behind. That is the anti glare function of the rearview mirror.

at present, there are two forms of anti glare in the rearview mirror, namely manual and automatic. Manual is very simple, that is, adjust the angle of the rearview mirror, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the intensity of reflected light. And we mainly want to introduce automatic anti glare. The complex principle is not introduced. In brief, its function is to automatically darken the lens in order to achieve the aim of preventing glare when sensing strong light. In fact, this function is a lot of about 100000 yuan. Vehicle model All of them are not high end.

However, even if it is automatic and a little different, some models are automatically controlled by the light sensor. When the light is too strong, it automatically enters the anti glare mode. The color of the lens becomes deeper and deeper; when the light intensity is weakened, the rearview mirror automatically returns to the common mode. And some of them have a small control key under the rearview mirror. It must be that when the driver feels strong, he opens the anti glare function and darkens the rearview mirror.

A fearless visual blind area

Skills: side assisted and side side assistance

Everyone knows that the rear view mirror will have a blind area when driving. If there is no vehicle in the blind area, it will be dangerous when the line is tied. And now there are many luxury brands, or medium and advanced models, which have some auxiliary or parallel line auxiliary systems, with different names, but similar functions. for example Audi Q3 the system can detect both sides and rear areas of the car through radar sensors, including the traditional blind area of the left and right rear view mirrors. When a car appears near the blind spot or near the rear, the warning light on the outer rearview mirror lights up or even blinks.

in other words, if a car comes in the rear, the warning light on the frame of the external rearview mirror will be lit. If you still don't notice and turn to the light and try to connect, the LED display on the frame of the rear view mirror will warn the driver with a light flicker. Some cars will also be alerting with alarm. At this point, you must observe the rearview mirror in time and correct the track. With this system, many times, it is possible to avoid unnecessary scraping or even crash.

Let your vision be wider

Skill: blind spot display system

this function adopts a new way to expand the range of sight of drivers, including auxiliary driving when encountering blind spots. At present, there are few models of this function, such as the ninth generation. There is a configuration. This principle depends on the camera under the right rear view mirror. When the driver turns the right turn to the light or opens the function directly, it can be seen on the screen above the central control table. Besides the original range of vision, the blind area of the right rear view mirror can be seen. In this way, the safety of driving can be greatly improved. This is also one of the reasons for the ninth generation Accord's dual screen design.

Open the door to make you more comfortable

Skills: rear image detection

when parking on the roadside, what is the first thing to do when you want to get off? Of course, look back and see if anyone or a car comes in to avoid driving. But now, there's a more convenient function. Nakagi Excellent 6 There is such a function called the rear image detection function. When the user extinguished the vehicle, the camera automatically opened, and the image behind the side of the vehicle was displayed on the screen. It was convenient for the passengers to observe, to avoid the collision of the people near the rear or especially the vehicle.

Future science and technology

Skills: intelligent central rearview mirror

this function is very special. Will the owners use less central rearview mirror at ordinary times? Some owners feel that it is not convenient to look at the central rearview mirror, especially when there are people sitting in the back seat or putting too many things on. and Nissan this year, the newly developed intelligent rearview mirror technology is displayed at the Geneva motor show.

the principle is to encapsulate the LCD display screen into the traditional central rearview mirror, and the image inside comes from the high-resolution camera installed in the rear part of the car. The advantage of this is that it can break the hindrance of the rear seat of the car and the back row passengers or even the luggage, and direct the rear view of the car to the rear view mirror, including the blind spot area. It is understood that this intelligent rearview mirror can also provide clear images to motorists in the early hours of the morning and at dusk and in various complex weather conditions, such as rain and snow. If the driver feels uncomfortable, he can switch at one key.

Decrypting the rearview mirror is not just a backward looking function
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