Promotion of cost constrained commercial vehicle intelligent driving foreground geometry

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when it comes to intelligence or driverless, few people seem to associate it with commercial vehicles. Think of a large truck carrying dozens of tons of heavy load on the highway, the cockpit without a driver, the first impression may be very unsafe.

As a matter of fact, this is just a deviation from people. When the passenger car manufacturers are all competing for the vision of intelligence or pilotless driving, at last year's Hannover auto show, Daimler showed a FutureTruc that could drive its own driving on the high speed road.K2025 (future truck), it is understood that it will achieve mass production in 2025.

“ the inherent impression of commercial vehicles affects the perception and recognition of new technologies on commercial vehicles to some extent. &rdquo, a commercial vehicle company who does not want to be named, thinks. Knoll commercial vehicle system in China The president Xu Baoping believes that &ldquo, compared with passenger cars and commercial vehicles with intelligent driving technology, can bring more practical efficiency and benefits. ” he gave an example to the reporter that if a commercial vehicle could drive automatic driving on a special section such as a freeway, the driver could use leisure time to communicate more with the outside world. For example, tell the logistics center, how much time is available for its own vehicles, in this process, the logistics center can prepare the goods to be delivered in advance, and the driver can load and transport as soon as the driver arrives, greatly improving the delivery efficiency of the logistics. At the same time, the addition of the pilotless system can also reduce the fatigue of the driver, and then reduce the operation errors and safety problems caused by the driver's fatigue.

in Xu Baoping's view, the development of intelligent driving technology is no less than that of passenger cars in terms of technology. For example, it is now widely used in passenger vehicle lane departure warning system (based on advanced camera technology, can monitor the position of vehicle in lane marking, and warn the driver when the vehicle is out of this position) is also being vigorously promoted by commercial vehicle suppliers including Webbeko. It is understood that at present, it has already been found that Dongfeng Yutong, Yutong, BYD the OnGuardACTIVETM emergency braking system and the OnLane lane departure warning system for the next generation of trucks and buses exported to Europe were signed.

“ in fact, the whole process of unmanned driving is no more than three parts, one is to perceive the outside environment through radar, and the two is to brake the whole vehicle under the necessary circumstances, and the three is the coordination of the steering system. If the three parts can be carried out tacitly, then the whole driverless process is finished. ” Xu Baoping told reporters, “ at present, our driver's auxiliary system can not only provide vehicles for vehicle departure warning, but also can further achieve automatic brake braking in emergency situations. ”

According to its introduction, this automatic brake brake system can provide different braking modes for the vehicle according to the different speed, such as the first stage may only provide alarm function, if the alarm is not paid attention, then the vehicle will automatically decelerate and carry on the brake in the case of need.

as the world's largest commercial vehicle market, China's commercial vehicle market is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. This provides a favorable opportunity for commercial vehicle suppliers to promote and popularize new technologies in China. That is why large parts suppliers, such as knoll, mainland and BOSCH, are accelerating the process of localization in the Chinese market, and innovative technology based on intelligent driving is also recognized as an important driving factor for future development.

However, even so, the large-scale promotion of intelligent and unmanned systems in the field of commercial vehicles is obviously more lagging behind passenger cars in time. “ technology promotion in the field of commercial vehicles is more constrained by costs. &rdquo, Xu Baoping explained. This is not the same as that of passenger cars, which are subject to regulations and infrastructure. However, in his view, if the intelligent support system is adopted on a large scale, the time cycle of intelligent driving in commercial vehicles will be further reduced.

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Promotion of cost constrained commercial vehicle intelligent driving foreground geometry
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