Heavy snow traffic police remind snow and fog seven trick driving skills

Category:Car skills - Date:2018-04-21

Yesterday, Kunming snow, the road became more wet and slippery, the whole province is also a lot of rain and snow, if the night continues to cool, some sections of the morning will be frozen. Rain and snow on the high speed road also often accompanied by fog, the visibility is not good in the case of driving on the road, everyone in addition to not open the fast car, more careful, the traffic police have taught 7 “ the secret ” ensure safe driving.

The key words of travel

A. slow traffic

yesterday, a heavy snowfall occurred in Kunming. Dongfeng West Road, 121 Avenue, Qingnian Road, Xuefu Road, Jin Road, Longquan Road, Dongfeng West Road, near Hupu Road, queenszhou road and Wen Lin Street teachers are very small. At the same time, the main city's Second Ring Expressway, Renmin Road, Beijing Road, Nissin Road, west dam road, Jin Bi Road, Dianchi road and so on also have different degrees of congestion. Rain and snow roads are wet and slippery, and the speed of vehicles is decreasing. Traffic in Kunming's main city has also entered a slow traffic state. In addition, the airport high-speed, high sea speed, Kun high speed, the East three ring Hongqiao interchange to Jixin garden intersection, the provincial road S101 line Longfeng cemetery to the ah Zi camp is affected by rain and snow.

B. flower clothes

The snowfall not only makes the road slippery, the rain and snow often accompany the fog, the visibility of the road is reduced, while the citizens drive out to slow down the speed, they also open the lights of each other. Some passengers who still stood on the bus platform wait for a taxi in the rain and snow. When the weather is cold, many people wear light colored thick clothes. The traffic police say that the light color of the clothes is easy to make the driver's sight blurred, especially when it is foggy. Traffic police reminded people to travel in rainy, snowy and foggy days, and try to wear some bright clothes to remind the passing vehicles to find and avoid them in time.

Safety &ldquo of travel; secret ”

traffic police remind you that when driving in heavy fog, it is necessary to slow down. Proper use of lights is very important.

1. deceleration

When visibility is less than 500 meters greater than 200 meters, speed should not exceed 80 kilometers; visibility is less than 200 meters greater than 100 meters, speed should not exceed 60 kilometers; visibility is less than 100 meters greater than 50 meters, speed should not exceed 40 kilometers; visibility within 30 meters, speed should be controlled below 20 kilometers; ordinary sight distance 10 meters At left and right, the speed is under 5 kilometers.

when the fog and the visibility are very low, it is suggested that you have better drive the car to the roadside safety zone or the parking lot, until the fog is scattered or the visibility is improved.

2. lights

The fog lights, the taillights, the wide lights and the near light lamps should be opened when the traffic is heavy, so as to improve the visibility of the traffic, not only pay attention to the car but also pay attention to the pedestrians, but also make it easy for others to see themselves. Foggy lights can not be used in foggy days, because the light of the high beam will be reflected by the fog, and everything will be lost when driving.

3. removal of water vapor

when fog is encountered, condensation of water vapor on the windshield will affect the line of sight, wash the water vapor with the wiper regularly, and improve the clarity of the line of sight. If the water mist inside the glass, open the air conditioner blowing glass, you can keep a clear line of sight.

4. whistle echoes

foggy sight is not good. When you hear the trumpet of other cars, the old driver responds to the horn, indicating the location of his car.

5. and car

driving in heavy fog, pay attention to the distance of front taillights, try to drive at a low speed, and can not be too close to cars. Try to drive in the middle of the road. Do not drive along the roadside, so as to avoid colliding with the roadside temporary parking and waiting for the fog to disperse.

6. overtaking

avoid overtaking on a foggy day. If a vehicle is stopped on the roadside, do not blindly bypass. Consider whether it is in the opposite direction. When overtaking, the front car stops at the roadside. It must be left at the low speed when it is confirmed that it will not start suddenly and the opposite side does not come. In addition, please pay attention to Lane separation line, can not run on the line, otherwise it will collide head-on cars.

7. parking

if the fog is too heavy, you can pull over and turn on the low light and emergency lights. After parking, get off the right side and leave the road as far as possible. Do not sit in the car so as not to be hit by a passing car. Foggy weather can not brake too fast. Generally do not step on or loose the accelerator quickly. Slow down the throttle slowly and slow down the brake several times in order to prevent rear end collision.

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