Six tips for highways, avoid warning after parking

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many people think that driving on expressways does not require any skill, because the roads are relatively straight and they are more important. The main thing is for those driving with automatic transmission. Vehicle model for the owners, most people think that just stepping on the throttle, a slight twist of the steering wheel is enough, and the driving skill is lower than on the ordinary road and on the suburban road.

in fact, people with this kind of thought should pay more attention. Besides the necessary operation of vehicles, the improvement of safety awareness is equally important. After all, the lowest speed on expressways is at 60km/h, and your safety factor will decrease one level every time you increase 10km/h.

One of the knack: the speed should be kept at a constant speed

After passing the toll station of the freeway, you should run on the speedway first, see if there is a car in the rear. Without affecting the normal driving vehicle in the left lane, the right turn light can go into the driveway. The speed of driving should be kept at a constant speed. Do not overspeed, not to be fast and slow for a moment. It is not only harmful to other vehicles, but also on the fuel economy of the vehicle. When driving on the highway, keep your hands on the steering wheel. Remember not to hold the steering wheel in one hand or do anything else in one hand. Keep your eyes on your eyes while you are driving. At the same time, you need to listen to the car with your ears. If you are not too close to the vehicle while driving, you can keep the reasonable distance with reference to the distance indicator. Generally speaking, if your speed is 100km/h, then the distance from the car should be at 100m. The reason is very simple. The faster the car is, the closer it will be to the car, the greater the possibility of rear end collision.

Knack two: as far as possible, keep in a driveway as far as possible.

Avoid crossing the fork in the driving, not in the overtaking lane for a while, in the driveway, and not to slow down and stop on the road. Do not drive on the freeway, do not travel side by side with the van, bus, and other vehicles, and don't run on the overway for a long time, and do not try to surpass the vehicle from the emergency car. In the course of driving, you need to make clear where to get down or the road, must be ready in advance, leave the road or turn to the other channel 500m, you should slow down to the right lane and decelerate lane, avoid the temporary abrupt turn to the lane, or the sudden emergency brake after the crossing.

Don't be nervous if the tire burst in the driving. You must cling the steering wheel, release the throttle, use the engine anti drag, open the emergency light and take the emergency parking way to the right, slowly pull up the hand brake, not emergency brake.

knack three: to be prompt and decisive when overtaking.

When you are sure to overtake, pay attention to whether there is a car in the left behind you to surpass you, and at the same time pay attention to the obstacle in the front of your overtaking road that prevents you from overtaking. When overtaking, notice whether there is an exception on the left side of the overtaking car. This may cause a Safety Association for you. It is best to use a horn or light to remind the supervehicle to be overtaken and overtake when overtaking the van or bus. In overtaking, we must pay attention to the state of our vehicles and not force them to act. After surpassing other vehicles, do not return to the carriageway immediately. You should turn the lights back to the carriageway after being away from the overtaken vehicle 50~100m.

The trick four: pay attention to the necessary warning for parking

If there is a temporary stopping and overhaul on the highway, the right turn light should be opened in advance to leave the lane, stop in the emergency parking belt or on the right side of the road shoulder, and stop the parking in the lane. At the same time, we should open the &ldquo, double flash &rdquo, and put a warning sign at the end of the car at the end of the car.

if there is a fault in the tunnel, as long as the vehicle can still travel, the vehicle should be pulled out of the tunnel as far as possible, and no parking in the tunnel is strictly prohibited. We must not drag other vehicles to drag them to the service area by wire rope. This is against highway management regulations. The help of the highway management or maintenance company should be sought by telephone in time.

If a rear end accident is encountered, the person on the car should be transferred to the right of the highway guardrail as soon as possible. Do not leave people on the car so as to avoid the second injury.

The trick five: the skill of using the light at night

night driving on the highway, use the high beam as far as possible, pay attention to whether there is taillight on the front car or not to drive with fatigue. If you feel a bit sleepy, you'd better rest in the service area or take a rest on the next road. If the fog is at night, be sure to slow down the speed, open the &ldquo, double flash &rdquo, and travel on the white line between the lane and the overtaking lane, to guard against the wrong vehicle on the right side. In fact, the best way is to rest in the service area and wait until the fog is loose.

There are many cars and pedestrian bridges on the freeway. When you go through the bridge, see if there are pedestrians and children on the bridge in advance, see if they have an abnormality — — some pedestrians or children may make some pranks like throwing stones or other things.

Know-how six: overcoming adverse weather factors

On a rainy day, there is no clear line of sight on the freeway. It is easy to have an accident. You need to slow down the speed and pay attention to the water on the road, because it is easy to let the high speed vehicles drift out of control. Pay attention to the highway in the rainy day do not stop emergency braking, do not play the direction of big angle, you should keep as far as possible and the car in the clear sky double the distance, the car once the accident you have enough distance to stop, not to rear end.

In the event of a pedestrian or animal crossing suddenly, you must not go around, such as the distance too close and no emergency brake, in order to avoid itself or cause a greater accident — — that is the real cause of failure, because the highway does not allow pedestrians pass, as long as you are not overspeeding, responsibility It's on the pedestrians.

Summary of experience

As we also mentioned in the previous freeway know-how, parking on the freeway needs to provide the necessary warning signs, such as &ldquo, double flash &rdquo, and the red exclamation mark. If it is to stop in such a bad line of sight under foggy or rainy days, it is also necessary to turn on the indicator light and let the rear car see “ the red light &rdquo. In fact, such a rear end accident, the cause of the incident is two: on the one hand, because the car emergency parking, did not provide the necessary warning signs; on the other hand, because the rear car speeding, too close to the emergency car lane, leading to a rear end accident.

Therefore, having a clear sense of highway driving can avoid accidents, and also be responsible for the safety of others and themselves.

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