Used tire carefully buy old wear and easy tire burst hidden dangers

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-20

if you often ride fast bus or often drive on the freeway, you will find that there are often debris on the freeway. Car Left after tire blowout. The reporter learned from the relevant departments that on the expressway, the traffic accidents caused by the tire burst accounted for a large proportion, and many of these blowout vehicles were caused by the use of second-hand tires.

Mr Li bought a Fukang (picture library forum) car with a second-hand tire and the car rushed down the highway in a business unit. A tire was broken in the near future. Mr. Li bought an old tires temporarily on the roof because of the serious damage. Unexpectedly a few days later, Mr. Li came back from the airport to meet his friend on the road accident: after the car blowout, out of control and rushed down the highway, the four people were injured in different degrees in the car, the vehicle was seriously damaged. Mr. Li told reporters that the main cause of the accident was the second-hand tire. He bought second-hand tyres though they look quite new, but they are almost 4 years old, and rubber aging is serious. Accidents happen at high speed.

The phenomenon is low, and the red - Fire journalist in the second-hand tire business learned in the interview that although used tyres could have serious consequences, there were used tyres in many places, and the business was good. In many brand tyres, many of the old tires have been replaced by a lot of customers. Many of them look new. If someone wants to buy them, they will be sold at a price equivalent to a new tire 1~2.

according to the reporter's understanding, apart from taxi drivers favor second-hand tires, some car rental companies and used car dealers also like to buy used tyres. The former two buy used tyres to reduce operating costs, while second-hand cars buy used tyres to replace older cars on second-hand cars and make their cars more attractive. In addition, there are still some people who buy second-hand tires, like Mr. Li, who want to buy because they are cheap.

Where does the source of used tires come from? Why are there so many used tyres sold? A tire shop owner told reporters that the life of a car tire is 2~3 years or 60 thousand ~7 kilometers, a lot of people from their own safety considerations, when a two or 20 thousand ~3 kilometers of tires will be changed to new tires, and the old tires are disposed of at a lower price to the wheel, most of these tyres are very good.

a tire store owner introduced illegal traders to pick out worn out old tyres and wholesale them to second-hand tires from all over the country. Dealers According to the instructions, the reporter came to a tire monopoly shop. This tire store, like other shops, sells both new and second hand, but sells secondhand tyres with larger grounds and more tires. A small worker in the store told reporters that their tires were all original goods, the origin of France, Germany and Japan, and some even reached “ 90% new ” the price of each 150~250 yuan. The reporter asked one of the 90% new 195 / 65 / 15 models of the tyres, and the other was 180 yuan, and the same brand and size of the new tires were sold for 600 yuan in their stores. The worker said that the original tires were imported from Guangdong, “ the quality was much better than that of the domestic tire &rdquo. The reporters saw that although these tyres looked very new, the date of production was before 2006.

Then, the reporter came again FAW Car4S store Manager Chen said that they are strictly carried out according to the manufacturer's regulations for automobile tires, belts and other parts that are easy to wear and wear. No matter how the owners are used, they will recommend the owners to replace the parts to a certain number of years and kilometres. And the parts that can be replaced can be taken away by car owners. If the owners do not take them away, they will be recovered according to the relevant regulations. For the old tyres, 4S stores have special recycling companies to collect them at home, and are definitely not allowed to flow to the society, nor will they sell them to tire dealers.

Reminding a lot of hidden dangers, car owners should be careful to buy the car owners think that their car is only for work, and do not run long distance, the use of second-hand tires is both economical and affordable, there should be no problem. In fact, this point of view is wrong, a 4S shop teacher told reporters that the car tire is a certain life, the general car tire after the use of two or three years, even if not a number of kilometers, its safety factor will be significantly reduced. Old tyres are very dangerous whether they are placed in front or rear wheels.

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