On different sections, the emphasis of vehicle maintenance is different

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After a long journey, especially after the bad road conditions, the vehicle has a larger loss. The inspection or maintenance of self driving return is more important, and the maintenance focus is not the same according to the characteristics of the self driving road.


The driving of the high speed road is a big test for the power system of the car. Therefore, the engine is the focus of the maintenance, and the inspection of all kinds of liquid surfaces is also very necessary. In addition, all kinds of flying insects will be covered before driving on highways, so cleaning vehicles is very necessary.

Check power system: after the long journey, high speed attack, high load operation made the engine test, so we should focus on the inspection of engine oil and water tank antifreeze. If it is automatic car, check whether the transmission ATP oil is missing, excessive consumption should be complemented in time. If the driving travel is long, it is best to change engine oil after return, because the high temperature work of the engine may cause the oil to deteriorate. Besides, it is also necessary to check the loosening of the engine belt in order to avoid the safety of the running. In the course of the journey, it is possible to fill the engine, radiator and air conditioner condenser with soil, seriously affect the heat and air conditioning of the engine. It is suggested that special cleaning agents should be used to clean the engines and radiators with special cleaning agents.

Wet and bumpy road

Cleaning chassis: in the wet and bumpy road road, mud splash on the plate is inevitable, if not in time cleaning, it will seriously corrode the chassis and suspension system. If a long time is running on the mud and water road, it is better to do a clean and antirust nursing care for the chassis of the car. After the chassis is thoroughly washed, it is dried immediately, and the professional personnel use a special automobile chassis antirust agent for antirust treatment. If the abnormal chassis, the steering wheel jitter, the parking position of the vehicle appear oil trace, indicating that the suspension system has been damaged, it is suggested that the owner go to the maintenance station for maintenance. Do four rounds of positioning: bumpy bumps will affect the four wheel alignment of the car, resulting in abnormal wear of the tire, so the car should be re positioned for four rounds. In addition, in this section of the road, the engine is prone to failure, such as piston cylinder, detonation, cylinder bore inner leakage, serious noise, acceleration power decline, and so on. During the course of the trip, mud will also cause bad heat dissipation on the water tank. The mud on the tank should be cleaned.

Mountain road

In the mountain area, because of the rough road and the uneven driving of the car, the vehicle chassis and braking influence is relatively large. Therefore, the chassis and brake system of the automobile should be inspecting in addition to some necessary parts, such as oil and water circuit. Chassis inspection is very important: chassis inspection should first see whether the tire pressure meets the standards, whether there are aging cracks or trauma, whether there are foreign bodies on the flower. A tire with serious wear should be replaced in time. Whether or not the nut and ball head of the chassis are loose or falling off, if driving is running off or swinging, these problems should be carefully examined.

Brake system failure to be excluded: in the mountain or outskirts of the country, the car brake system is frequently used, and the sensitivity is easily affected by rugged pavement. Especially after a long downhill ride, the brake block and brake skin should be inspected. Prolonged braking on the brake will cause high temperatures, so that the surface of the brake block and brake skin will oxidize. If the brake pedal is too loose and weak, and the reserve stroke is too small, it means that there are faults in leakage or brake, so we need to remove them in time.

Shashi Road

clean up dust in time: clean up sand and dust in time so as not to cause further corrosion or abrasion to machinery and lacquer. Frequent brakes and full of sand and gravel during the journey because they are not familiar with road conditions will cause serious wear and tear on the brake skin. If mud and sand enter the brake shoes, they will stretch the edges of the hooves, and the braking performance will be reduced. Therefore, we should carefully check whether there are debris and dust on the brake hubs, and clean them in time to eliminate the brake softening.

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