Caution: never tire on a highway

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-20

automobile tires are the most easily worn parts of automobiles, and tire blowout accidents are often caused by incorrect car maintenance and tires. Statistics show that 46% of the traffic accidents on the highway are caused by the failure of the tire, and one of the tire blowout accounts for more than 70% of the total accident.

Emergency treatment

Don't step on the brakes

if you have a puncture accident on the highway, you mustn't step on the brakes, or you will easily make a mistake.

The correct emergency treatment method is such, if it is the front wheel blowout, hold the steering wheel, adjust the head, the movement should be gentle, do not panic repeatedly and repeatedly beat the steering wheel, so as to avoid strong sideslip or even turn the head. Then slowly slow down, you can hook neutral or gradually reduce gear, release the accelerator pedal and repeatedly touch the brakes gently, the car will slow down.

if the rear tire blows, the vehicle will be unstable. It will cause a slight force to make the car lean towards the side of the tire. At this point, the pedal should be repeated repeatedly, and the car will be stopped slowly by using oil and reducing gears. Like the front tire, do not step on the brake pedal, and do not quickly release the accelerator pedal. It can slow down the car and stop at the end with the way of oil recovery.

Find out the reason

The high temperature is the &ldquo of the blowout; the culprit is ”

According to the experts, there are many reasons for the blowout, which are mainly related to the temperature, road condition, tire pressure, tire use and tire trauma, especially the temperature, which is also induced by “ ” “ ” From 5 to October every year, &ldquo is the highest incidence of &rdquo. Therefore, experts have warned that in order to prevent the occurrence of blowout accidents, drivers must do the following:

first, check the tread and tire pressure carefully before going out.

second. Vehicles are strictly prohibited from overloading during driving and prevent tire bursts caused by heavy tire loads. In addition, speeding is also strictly prohibited. Authoritative data show that a tire burst occurs at a speed of more than 160 kilometers per hour, and the driving death rate is 100%.

Third, when the motor vehicle runs on the freeway, it enters the service area for a little rest at about 2 hours each interval. Do not sprinkle water on the high temperature car tires immediately, so as not to make the tires deformed.

More maintenance of tires

All tires should be used in the range of their life (the service life of the tire should be around 2-3 years or about 60 thousand km), more than the service life or already to the wear mark (pattern groove depth) the alarm line should be replaced immediately;

check the air pressure at least every two months, do not only use the visual measurement of its subsidence. If we find that the air pressure is insufficient, we should find out the cause of the leakage.

check the tire regularly if there is any damage, such as whether there is a staple or cut, and find that the damage should be repaired or replaced in time. Two once the front tire is repaired, it should be adjusted to the rear wheel in time.

It is best to fill the tire with nitrogen in a professional tire store. It can not only prolong the service life of the tire, but also keep the tire pressure stable for a long time and reduce the chance of tire blowout.

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