How to do the fuel tank alarm?

Category:Car skills - Date:2018-04-20

if there is a gas station near the city, or go to the gas station, use the oil pot to get the gas back. But as a result, we should pay attention to the situation that there is no shop before the village. In order to win more endurance, it is necessary to use all kinds of oil saving techniques at this time.

1, look for nearby petrol stations to ensure that the distance is not too wide. On the highway, look for service areas or search for gas stations at high speeds.

2, control the speed of the car. For the 1.3-1.8L type of low displacement Car The most fuel-efficient vehicle speed is between 45-65km/h, and for the 2.0-3.0L car of a slightly high displacement, the most economical speed is between 55-75km/h, all of which are through a large amount of the same displacement. Vehicle model Test it out. Attention, after the oil saving mode, the higher the speed of the more oil, so the speed is best to control within the 100km/h, but on the high speed road, pay attention to the minimum speed limit sign, do not lower the minimum speed limit driving to avoid danger.

3, body load. The bigger the body load, the more oil it will be. If you have the same vehicle, you can arrange large luggage and passengers to another vehicle.

4, shut down electrical appliances. Navigation, air conditioning and so on, these high-power electrical appliances will increase engine load, will further affect fuel consumption.

5, close the window. When the car is running at high speed, the wind resistance will be very large. So closing all the windows will save you a lot of fuel.

6, pay attention to the road conditions. To take the smooth road as far as possible, the asphalt road must be more economical than the bumpy road.

7, driving smoothly. Reasonable shift, slow throttle, anticipate the surrounding vehicles and conditions, avoid stepping on the brakes.

8, avoid congestion. If the oil is not much, if the wrong road or traffic jam is really worse, we should plan the road reasonably, pay attention to the sign or avoid the wrong road by navigation, listen to the broadcast, use the car to help APP and other ways to avoid the congestion section.

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