How to use the headlights correctly in winter

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-20

as the seasons change, the nights get longer and the days get shorter. I used to be in the sunset when I was off duty, but now I have already got treetops at work. In such a season, driving to and from work will be faced with the situation of night walking every day. Are you going to use the car lights correctly?

Highway driving

nighttime sight is not good and speed should be slowed down. On the motorway, there are no streetlights in general, so they are all illuminated by headlights. At this time, we must remember the essentials of using the light at night. We should turn on the night light and the wide lamp. If it rains or fog, we should turn on the fog lamp. If there is no car ahead, the light can be opened properly, and only a short light will be used to observe the road and the surrounding area in the far distance, and then turn on the light light. If you have a car in front of you or you have a car on the other side, you must remember to turn the long light into a light light. Otherwise, the eyes of the front or opposite driver are not only annoying, but the accident is easy to spread to yourself.

Rural road traffic

this kind of condition generally refers to the highway at county level and township level, which does not divide the upper and lower lanes. Usually there is no lighting or serious lighting at night. In fact, in this case, you can hardly use the beam, and only need a low light. Because the design of the light light is illuminated within about 50 meters, the near light can be seen relatively clearly in this range, and the distance between the far light is much higher than the near light, and the blurred outline of the objects in a larger range can only be seen, and the near objects are relatively less clear than the near light lamps.

In addition, if you have to use a light light, it must be in the front and there is no car in the situation, according to the regulations in the range of 150 meters in the use of light light.

Urban road traffic

the city night condition is illuminated by a strong street light system, so the driver can use the street lamp and the lamp to observe the road scene. In the first two cases, the road and the surrounding objects can have a clearer understanding of the road and the surrounding objects, so as to make more timely and accurate judgment and treatment.

but because the city lighting system is relatively complete, it is easy for people to cause the illusion that the lights have been opened. As far as the visibility of the night is high, the contrast between the vehicle and the environment can not be compared to the daytime, and it is easy for other drivers to ignore their existence and thus cause accidents. Therefore, the car lights should be turned on near dusk.

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