Drivers need to master some skills in frequent accidents in high-speed tunnels

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tunnel is a special section on expressways, and is also one of the most frequent accidents. “ the first tunnel &rdquo in East China; and less than a week after the opening of the Cang Ling super long tunnel group at Tai Jin expressway, a car accident occurred in the tunnel.

high speed traffic police remind: vehicle highway, road tunnel must not be careless.

A layer of skin is rubbed out of the tunnel

in the tunnel speeding, encountered a sudden situation, the driver was flurried in improper measures, the car bumped into the tunnel wall.

At about 10:50 in the morning, the driver Li, driving a Taizhou license plate, drove to 91 km (the tunnel of the Cang Ling tunnel group 1) at 91 km (the tunnel of the Cang Ling tunnel group 1). The vehicle and the tunnel wall had a collision, causing the vehicle to be damaged on one side. Fortunately, the person on the car was not injured.

Before the accident, the driver suddenly found the covered tarpaulin on the road, and immediately hit the direction to bypass the obstacles. After the tarpaulin, the car ran out of control and crashed into the tunnel wall. After rubbing the tunnel wall for three or four meters, the car was stopped. According to the scene of the accident police investigation, the location of the incident is in a long downhill section of the tunnel, and the route is S shaped. Although the terrain is not conducive to the driver's observation, the cause of the accident is the speeding of the driver in the tunnel. “ the speed limit of the incident tunnel was 80 km / h, but the driver's speed was above 100 km / h. ” the accident police said.

Half of the accident occurred in the tunnel

The accident in the tunnel is much larger than that of the ordinary highway, because in many cases, once the tunnel accident occurs, it is likely to cause a series of secondary accidents, and the loss is much larger.

In January 2nd of this year, the driver Xu opened a passenger car with a Taizhou license, driving to the tunnel of 19 km (7 kilometers away from the city of Taizhou) in the direction of the Tai Jin expressway, and suddenly found a tire in the front lane. The driver hit the road in a conscious way, but because of the fast speed of the car, the direction of the car was out of control and the tunnel wall was nearly 10 meters away. The frightened driver got out of the car to see the situation. He was preparing to take out his cell phone alarm, but was shocked by the scene afterwards. “ slamming — — ” a car crashed into a bus in a few minutes, the collision happened again, and the other car bumped up as well. Three cars rear end, the vehicle is badly damaged.

According to high-speed traffic police, with the full line of Tai Jin high-speed line, Taizhou to Jinhua to Jinhua, Jin Liwen high-speed mileage of about more than 180 kilometers, compared to the previous bypass three, Yongjin high-speed shortening nearly 60 kilometers. Compared with the three lines of Tai Jin line, the traffic flow is more straight and comfortable. The driver of a lot of new year's Day travel chooses the golden line to make a certain increase of the flow rate than before. “ although the traffic flow has increased a lot, the accident situation is relatively stable, and the accident in the tunnel is a little more, almost half the total amount of the accident. ” Taizhou high-speed traffic police said.

the driver needs to master some skills

there are many accidents in the tunnel because of the scattering of objects in the tunnel, which is an accidental factor. In the actual driving process, many drivers do not pay attention to the basic rules of the tunnel driving. Many drivers do not slow down at all when they are in and out of the tunnel. They do not light the light in the course of the tunnel driving, and even change the road at random. The reckless driver drove the car to the edge of the tunnel, causing the car to run out of collision. These bad habits are the inevitable factors of tunnel accidents.

when driving to the tunnel section, for the sake of safety, drivers must strictly follow the tunnel traffic rules. To enter the tunnel, we should slow down and turn on the lights. We must strictly control the speed of the tunnel. We must not overtake the road at will. At the same time, the light in the tunnel is dark, when driving, you should concentrate on it. If you encounter unexpected circumstances, do not panic, do not play the direction in a random way, and should be in the right direction at the same time.

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