The trade-off between price and performance should choose which tire

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-20

The car is in contact with the tires and the ground, and the tires are responsible for carrying, accelerating, decelerating, turning, and turning. Each function is closely related to the friction of its rubber and asphalt pavement, that is, the grip we call, of course, the better the grip, the better it is, but there is no lunch in the world. The better the grip of the fetus, usually with a special rubber formula or large area matrix, the price is high, the relative consumption of oil noise and other side effects will occur. In order to reduce the cost of the original plant, unless it is a high price performance car, performance is usually just a good performance, the smart consumer should know how to choose a set of suitable for the car, and there are too many reasons for consumers to take out the yuan before thinking.

how do we choose a good tyre for ourselves?

Attrition and tracking depend on economic considerations

In the trade-off between price and performance, many people will ignore the fact that the new generation of tire formula will be more durable than the previous tire. If there are more mileage, it is worthwhile to spend more, after all, the performance of new technology is improved. For the degree of wear, you can pay attention to the wear index (Tread Wear) on some tires. The smaller the TW value is, the easier it is to wear, but the higher the grip, the customary TW value below 100 is usually classified as a hot thaw tire. However, with the progress of formula technology, the better the grip is better than not wear resistance, and therefore the TW index is not good at the high index, but absolutely lower than the TW wear-resistance is, we should not blindly superstitious such reference figures. In fact, "grip" will also indicate an index, that is, Traction, a total of three levels of A, B, C, and A is the best, and it represents the best grip.

the concept of tire in the new century has changed from "good to good" in the past to focus on tire quality. Turning the car magazine ten years ago, it will be noted that almost everyone is pursuing a wide tire for good grip, but now the tire technology does not need to sacrifice oil and heavy drag to widen the tread, but to better design the grip. The concept of rigid reinforcement for wall support is still established, so the Inch Up is worth considering in the case of budget licensing, but it is only at the expense of comfort.

We all classify non - tires, such as tranquility and fuel consumption, to the comfort, and the ability to grasp the ground is important, but the overwhelming majority of the owners do not need too high tires.

In fact, there is a long story about the tyres, but we believe that a person who knows how to choose a tire does not understand the flat ratio of a flat tire. Of course, the more trivial "load index" and "safety speed limit index" are not within the scope of discussion, and this age is to be found to be free to break through the limit. It's not very easy to have a tire. After a good tire, the next tire pressure will be how much to hit, which is the key to affect the performance of the tire. Go and buy a better tire pressure meter on the car.

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